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Limousine – Daye Jack

March 8, 2014


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Most of y’all are starting Spring Break this weekend, and I’m guessing most of you have already broken in your tank-tops and bikinis. Well whether you’re lighting up on the beach or cracking open a cold one, this track will have you feeling right. Daye Jack has a vibe similar to Chance The Rapper; a hint of reggae in his voice as he effortlessly transitions from rapping to singing. After listening to his whole project Hello World I found that he’s still trying to find his style. Every track I listened to sounded like it was produced by someone different, but the one constant I heard was Daye’s sharp and crafty lyricism. I decided to share this track in particular because of how comfortable he sounds over the smooth guitar rifts. This is clearly just the start for Daye, but if he keeps moving in the right direction he could easily become a UH favorite.