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Try Me – Dej Loaf & Wiz Khalifa

September 11, 2014


Download Try Me - Dej Loaf & Wiz Khalifa

I didn’t expect Dej Loaf’s monotone gang-banger anthem to gain such notoriety, but between blackbear’s cover and this fresh remix from Wiz, Loaf is pretty hot right now. Unlike the acoustic rendition, Wiz doesn’t alter the track at all; he keeps the original beat and verses. About halfway through the track Wiz comes in and lays down a quick verse about hustling with Taylor Gang, running the game, and getting higher than everybody else. Although this track will never be revered by the music industry, the general public seem to love the way Loaf‘s vulgar lyrics contrast the dreamy atmosphere produced by fellow Michigan artist DDS. See what you think, at the very least you can rejoice in the new bars from Wiz on a beat that’s right down his alley.

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Try Me – Blackbear (Dej Loaf Cover)

August 26, 2014


Free Download | Try Me - Blackbear (Dej Loaf Cover)

This was the last thing I expected to see from Blackbear, but here’s his cover of Dej Loaf’s Try Me, a thug female rapper from Michigan. He threw the poorly produced beat out and grabbed his acoustic guitar instead; reciting the explicit lyrics in his divine voice and bringing some light/beauty to a naturally dark area of music. Dej Loaf might not have been my first choice, but who knows, next week he might be covering some Chief Keef. For now, enjoy the mixed Indie vibes and follow him on twitter.