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Hundreds of Thousands – Dizzy Wright & Demrick

July 4, 2015

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Free Download | Hundreds of Thousands - Dizzy Wright & Demrick

Honestly, linking up with these two artists has been one of the realest experiences we’ve had as a music blog. The misconception of big-name rappers was put to rest as soon as we sparked up, poured up, and shotgunned brews with Dizzy and Demrick. It’s hard to find signed artists who consistently release free music, but it’s even harder to find signed artists who are still humble and down to earth. Although they’ve collabed in the past, this song is by far the best thing they’ve put out together, and it’s one of their better tracks individually too. The Reezy produced beat is based around a down-tempo panning ambient synth; very simple beat, but so ever-so-vibey, and interesting enough to keep you nodding for the entire 3 minutes and 44 seconds. The two artists take turns laying down inspirational verses about making enough money to live their dreams and fulfill their passion for marijuana. If this hook doesn’t get stuck in your head, I’m not sure what hook will. Cop the free download, put this song on repeat, and be sure to follow Dizzy and Demrick on twitter.


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Demrick (Interview)

April 24, 2015



We caught up with Los Angeles based hip-hop artist Demrick to take some hennessey shots, shotgun some beers, and talk about his come up and the future of his musical career. If you haven’t checked him out yet, be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and cop his latest project Losing Focus.


Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Soul Needs Saving – Demrick

September 29, 2014


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Download Soul Needs Saving - Demrick

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Demrick track so while he’s getting ready to release his first independent album Losing Focus, he’s started his own weekly series #JointOfTheWeek and this gem was the first track to catch my attention. This electric, synth heavy freebie was engineered by 21 The Producer and the strung out sound of all the different layers of synth firing off at once create the perfect environment for Demirck to chop it up about all the trials and tribulations he’s had to face up to this point. For three verses Demrick fires off clever lyrics about growing up the way he did, how that changed him, and why he thinks his “Soul Needs Saving”. ¬†Although this song didn’t make the album it’s definetly a testament to how Demrick has grown into an artist of his own. Peep this one time, keep up with his #JointOfTheWeek series on soundcloud, and make sure to keep an eye out for the new album coming soon.

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You Know It (Music Video) – Demrick

January 29, 2014



Download You Know It - Demirck

Demrick dropped off another new submission as well as the music video to the university staff earlier in the week, and like past Demrick posts this one does not fail to impress.

“Rep LA because that shit mean something to me, drinkin bottles at Hollywood clubs in my hoodie. That’s what I did it for to never have to change up, but still get my change up.”

These bars pretty much sum up the entire track. It’s all about getting your money right, still being the same person your hood raised after, and making sure the whole world knows it too. Add a choppy, hype beat and some electric guitar samples courtesy of DJ Overtone and we’ve got another dope song to hustle to. Cop this now and be sure to catch Demrick live on Futuristic’s No Time For BullS#!t tour.

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Purple – Demrick & Mistah FAB

January 2, 2014


[soundcloud id=’126669552′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Purple - Demrick & Mistah FAB

Let me just start out by saying this instrumental is absolutely ridiculous, and Statik Selektah did a phenomenal job producing this track. I don’t even think I was really listening to the lyrics the first time around? After I regained my composure, I gave the first verse my attention and Demrick absolutely knocks this out of the park. With Mister FAB on the assist and another hot verse from Demrick there’s really nothing not to like about this track. In fact, I’ll sum the whole track up with a quote from it “I feel like Hendrix in a purple haze, just a young prince from the purple rain.”