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Hundreds of Thousands – Dizzy Wright & Demrick

July 4, 2015

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Free Download | Hundreds of Thousands - Dizzy Wright & Demrick

Honestly, linking up with these two artists has been one of the realest experiences we’ve had as a music blog. The misconception of big-name rappers was put to rest as soon as we sparked up, poured up, and shotgunned brews with Dizzy and Demrick. It’s hard to find signed artists who consistently release free music, but it’s even harder to find signed artists who are still humble and down to earth. Although they’ve collabed in the past, this song is by far the best thing they’ve put out together, and it’s one of their better tracks individually too. The Reezy produced beat is based around a down-tempo panning ambient synth; very simple beat, but so ever-so-vibey, and interesting enough to keep you nodding for the entire 3 minutes and 44 seconds. The two artists take turns laying down inspirational verses about making enough money to live their dreams and fulfill their passion for marijuana. If this hook doesn’t get stuck in your head, I’m not sure what hook will. Cop the free download, put this song on repeat, and be sure to follow Dizzy and Demrick on twitter.


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Spark Up The Flame – Dizzy Wright

June 6, 2014


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Download Spark Up The Flame - Dizzy Wright


Dizzy Wright invites you to turn up for the night in his newest free release “Spark Up The Flame”. This track’s chorus is centered around a phrase made popular by Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What?” but don’t let the radio’s ability to ruin anything you like ruin this song, because you can still expect to find some of that crisp, Funk Volume affiliated lyricism we’ve all come to know and love. Dizzy released this banger with one main objective in mind; spark your lighters, pour up some drank, but mostly to just have a good time while you can (It’s what he would want). This is just a new fun cut from Dizzy, which allows him to flex those lyrical muscles as well as demonstrate his abilities over a east coast club record. Hit that play button one time, spark up the flame, and grab the newest free release from Dizzy Wright for the perfect start to your weekend.

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Vegas Nights – Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

April 22, 2014


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Download Vegas Nights - Tha Joker & Dizzy Wright

Tha Joker has been relatively quiet so far in 2014 but with a new EP entitled Robert Frost in the works, and the release date of his newest project Meanwhile being less than a month away Mr. Too Cold throws a freebie off the tape to the fans. While he takes a stroll down memory lane in the city of sin Joker invites Las Vegas native and Funk Volume artist Dizzy Wright along for the ride over a sensual, acoustic instrumental courtesy of Tha Joker’s frequent collaborator Big Fruit. Each artist takes a verse and turn reminiscing in-between a soft, fervent chorus about not wanting to ever leave the sleepless city. Peep this to see if your feeling what Joker’s been cooking up, and make sure to catch the May 8th release of Meanwhile.

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No Writer’s Block, I Like To Rap – Dizzy Wright

December 10, 2013


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Download No Writer's Block, I Like To Rap - Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright hit 300,000 likes on Facebook! You probably don’t care very much but you should, because in honor of his fans he dropped this little gem produced by 6ix on everybody’s heads. Dizzy Wright has been one of my favorite artists out right now, and this piece here showcases all the things I like about him. Not only is the lyricism rapid, and creative but he puts a lot of thought into what he’s saying and what he is trying to say. Dizzy says things no other rapper would or could say, and he’s just incredibly upfront with his audience. He connects with his audience on a very personal level, almost like your sitting in the room with him trying to solve the world’s problems. It’s tracks like this that remind me why I love hip hop, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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T.I.U. – The Kennedys feat Dizzy Wright

October 14, 2013


Download T.I.U. - The Kennedys feat Dizzy Wright

Now it’s time for a little “pick me up”, and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect track to help me do that. Arizona’s rap duo The Kennedys hit us with this new release with that “Turn Down For What?” vibe, and by the end of the almost five minute track everyone will know that these artists only turn it up. Lexi Banks is on the beat and she knock this shit out of the park, and gives the duo the perfect mix of hype beat but still keeps that trap sound which resonates well with the edginess of this groups vocals. Plus they grab a feature from Funk Volume’s Dizzy Wright and that’s just the icing on the cake. Make sure to cop this free download and don’t forget to turn it up.

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The Golden Age – Dizzy Wright (Mixtape)

August 20, 2013

The Golden Age - Dizzy Wright

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Download The Golden Age Mixtape

Las Vegas spitter, and Funk Volume affiliate Dizzy Wright released “The Golden Age” and having been a fan since his introduction to the label in 2012, I feel confident in saying that this has been his best work yet. The thing to really pay attention to whenever Dizzy releases a tape is the message behind the music, and how he paints the world as he sees it through his lyricism. The dude has bars. On top of that his mind is razor sharp and he always has something constructive he has to say to the fans. With features from the other big names in Funk Volume (SwiZzZ, Hopsin, & Jarren Benton) and other familiar names (Joey Bada$$, Kid Ink, Logic, etc.) this is a tape everyone is going to want. It’s hard to put a finger on the best songs just because this mix has something for everyone. So go ahead and give it a listen, because I’m sure you’ll be able to decide what you like for yourself.

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The Flavor – Dizzy Wright & SwizZz (Music Video)

August 12, 2013

The Golden Age - Dizzy Wright



The Flavor – Dizzy wright & SwizZz (Music Video)

“Who’s bringing the Flavor to your ear?” I’m not quite sure but Funk Volume HAS been signing some of the best artists, AND putting out some of the most memorable music I can think of these past few years. But that’s my opinion anyway. Funk Volume hot spitter Dizzy Wright has been waiting patiently to drop his mixtape “The Golden Age” on August 19th and decided to release this music video to a dope joint called “The Flavor” off the upcoming release. This is gonna have ya’ll hyped for this new tape, no doubt. Whenever members of Funk Volume collaborate together we know we can expect a dope track, with plenty of thoughtful lyricism and this track in particular doesn’t even come close to falling short of that expectation. The video itself isn’t anything super crazy just Dizzy and SwizZz looking fresh to death near some ruins out in the desert doing what Funk Volume does best; making good music and having a good ass time doing it. Watch out for Dizzy Wright’s “The Golden Age”, and make sure you arent’t sleeping on any of these FV legends in the making.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Welcome To Forever – Logic (Mixtape)

May 8, 2013


Free Download | Download Welcome To Forever – Logic (Mixtape)

Young Sinatra, also an XXL Freshman of the year, released his highly anticipated project ‘Welcome To Forever’ today. If you’re a new Logic fan, get with it. He has some of the best flows in the rap game, and his lyricism is definitely twitter quote worthy. Snoop around and you might find features from Kid Ink, Trinidad James, and Dizzy Wright. Enjoy the tape, probably going to be one of the best you hear this year.