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Darryl Dawkins – Don Scott

June 11, 2015

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Free Download | Darryl Dawkins - Don Scott

Don Scott is one of the artists we post who is incredible when he releases something, but his drops are few and far between. After removing the majority of his material from soundcloud, it appears he’s going through a bit of a re-branding phase this summer — which might also mean that we can expect to hear consistent releases from him over the next few weeks. The New York based MC hops on a fast-paced instrumental to kick things off this summer; a fat bass line, resounding trumpets, and groovy vocal samples surrounding his crisp delivery. Something about his style on this track makes me think he’s not playing around with his music any more, even his lyricism sounds more refined. Cop the free download, follow Don Scott on twitter, and expect to be seeing his name on our site more this summer.

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5 Train – Don Scott

December 11, 2014


Download 5 Train - Don Scott

The Don is back on campus again, this time with what is personally one of my favorite release to date “5 Train”. This release draws it’s energy from Don Scott’s raspy/harsh Brooklyn tone, and the inspiration/influence that the Big Apple has had on not only his person but his music as well. Even the beat itself mirrors an original, old school NY hip-hop sound. Don engineers this one to have plenty of short kicks and claps littered across a triumphant brass melody, with a reverberate electric guitar note as a base. Don delivers three great verses about his experiences in Brooklyn as an artist, paying homage to his home and the place where he does his best writing.

“So when I’m gone, ya’ll could feel this shit from my day. It’s from my book of rhymes written on that 5 train.”

Hit that play button one time, cop the free download courtesy of Don Scott, and make sure to keep up with him on twitter if you have’t hopped that train already.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Ridin – Don Scott

April 7, 2014


Download Ridin by Don Scott

Since his introduction to the site two months ago with his song “The Wild” Scott has been relatively quiet, and finally today we got an email from the New York artist gracing us with his newest cut “Ridin”. ┬áThis release takes Don’s experience driving around and translates the thoughts he has behind the wheel rolling around his city. Although the chorus is up beat, and seemingly care free the lyrical content is dark and critical of his surroundings. Add a lucid, up tempo London Jack produced instrumental and this track has everything we expected from Don’s follow up release to “The Wild”and then some. There’s no doubt Don Scott will make is way back to the top of the daily hype so if your feeling this make sure to show some love to this emerging artist’s twitter and/or soundcloud.