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You Should Go – Andrew Luce

January 21, 2016

You Should Go - Andrew Luce
Free Download | You Should Go - Andrew Luce

In November of 2011, everything we thought we knew about the Toronto actor turned signer Drake changed when he debuted Take Care. YOLO was founded, Marvin’s Room was the breakup song of the decade, The Weeknd made his first major appearance on Crew Love, and the album went double platinum by 2013. So needless to say, the sample from Cameras/Good Ones Go that Andrew Luce chose to use for this track was a solid pick, but not something that hasn’t been touched before.

‘You Should Go’ is a perfectly concocted remix, and although Andrew Luce has been distancing himself from revamping hot 100 rap tracks for the last year, it’s intriguing to hear how his growth as an original artist affects the way he reworks billboard charting singles. Heavy airy synth reverberates underneath filtered Drake vocals and an elaborate percussion arrangement, giving the song a chilling tone as waves of sonic bliss build over the treble-heavy tracks.

As most of you may know, Andrew has been working with a group of electronic artists on a project titled Daruma. This is the fifth installment in the series, and you can cop the full project here. Enjoy, and follow Andrew Luce on Twitter and Soundcloud to show some support.

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Lost Legend – SABA (Drake & The Weeknd Cover)

October 16, 2015

saba lost legend
Free Download | Lost Legend - SABA (Drake & The Weeknd Cover)

SABA is a female vocalist hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland — and if you’ve never heard of her or that city it’s fine; this is the first song she’s put out on her barren Soundcloud page, and the city has the population of a college campus. That being said, prepare to be blown away. She absolutely nailed this cover/melody of Drake’s Legend and The Weeknd’s Earned It. Elegantly unveiling her distinct, venereal voice as she recites the hubristic R&B-stars’ lyrics, it shouldn’t be hard to see why this track made it onto our site, especially with this deep, mellow production from Mikeyy of 94sGold. Give it a listen and throw SABA a follow on Twitter if you’re feeling this.

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Hotline Bling – Drake

July 28, 2015

hotlinebling drake art

Free Download | Hotline Bling - Drake

The only rapper I know who could make an anthem out of the “cha cha” is Drake. Although you might’ve caught this track on the OVO Sound radio mix a couple nights ago, it was officially released in its entirety on soundcloud this morning, and I honestly can’t get enough of this song. The production has a distinct elevator feel to it; super corny 80’s keyboard, congo drums, and a groovy tempo aren’t exactly what we expect when we think of OVO, but somehow they pulled this track off. Hotline Bling makes you want to dance like you’re five margaritas deep in Latin America, and the relationship centered vocals from Drizzy are as good as they’ve ever been. Vibe out.

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Charged Up – Drake

July 27, 2015

charged up drake art 

Free Download | Charged Up - Drake

Last week was crazy for everyone in the music industry, but the most notorious event that took place was Meek Mill’s twitter rant about Drake. To sum things up, Meek was going about his daily routine of narcissistic social media posts when out of nowhere he starts bashing fans for comparing him to Drizzy; he made claims stating that all of Drake’s lyrics are written by ghost writers (namely his verse on RICO) and took jabs at his overall authenticity as a musician. A tsunami of memes ensued. Fans were mortified, hostile, violent, and I’m pretty sure that somewhere, somehow, someone probably died because of how intense this social media epidemic became. While the world took to Twitter, Drake went to the booth and voiced his thoughts in the most professional way possible: A back-handed diss track premiering on OVO’s Apple Radio station. The beat is as subtle and ominous as you can imagine. The simplicity of the instrumental amplifies the lyrics, making it impossible to ignore the words (which were clearly written in response to this past week’s events). “Niggas snitching on us without no interrogation, I stay silent cus’ we at war and I’m very patient, 6 God is watching I just hope you’re prepared to face him..” “Wow… I’m honored that you think this is staged, I’m flattered man, in fact I’m amazed.” “Done doing favors for people, cus’ it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature.” “I see you niggas havin’ trouble going Gold, turning into some so-and-so’s that no one knows.” Knowing Meek, he’s probably in the studio right now grinding out a heavy trap-style diss anthem, but I find it hard to believe that he can have a valid response to this track. No matter what production you hop on, no matter what words you say or “truths” you reveal, not a damn person is ever going to be able to tarnish Drake’s legacy. He’s at a point that no other musician in our generation has reached yet, and he has the platinum records, billboard chart history, and half-a-billion dollar net worth to back it up. Views From This 6 is on it’s way, but expect to see more free content from Drake in the near future.

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RICO – Meek Mill & Drake (XVII Remix)

July 19, 2015

rico meek mill drake xvii remix art

Free Download | RICO - Meek Mill & Drake (XVII Remix)

If you haven’t copped Meek Mill’s album yet, I don’t know what the hell you’ve been doing. The project was delayed for over a year after Meek went to jail for violating his probation, but fans everywhere are proud to say that the album was worth the wait. Needless to say, one of the hardest hitting tracks on DWMTM features Drizzy Drake. RICO, as you probably guessed, refers to the U.S.’s  RICO Act, which stands for something that has to do with taking down huge criminal organizations. Whether you’re a trap god making millions off of illegal drug trade, or a college student who can never seem to find a drug dealer on the weekends, this song will have you feeling like you run the city. If the kingpin anthem could hit any harder, XVII would be the man to do it. He integrates some huge ominous horns, complex drum sequences, while still retaining the savage verses from two all-star rappers. Cop the free download, show XVII some support via soundcloud and twitter, and make sure you bump this track next time you have your squad together.

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Blessed – Drake (CΘCΘ X TRΛW Remix)

July 18, 2015

Mr. Carmack Is Blessed by CΘCΘ X TRΛW

Free Download | Mr. Carmack is Blessed - (CΘCΘ X TRΛW Remix)

I came across this track today and it stood out to me; the Drake “Blessed” sample with the futuristic trap instrumental was different. The South Florida duo just started making music this year, but after hearing this track I can tell that it’s only gonna get better from here. With some deep bass and smooth drum loops this song is too live. Throughout the track there are a lot of different elements in play and sounds developing, which gives it a distorted feel, but somehow ties the track all together. My favorite part is towards the end, when the music starts slowing and a soft piano instrumental takes over with a finishing verse by the 6 God. Remixes are all over the web, and its rare to come across one that stands out and has a different vibe to it. Knowing this duo personally, I can say that their vision for the trap scene is a big one, and with them already producing some fire beats and instrumentals, the music to come is going to be golden. Be sure to cop the free download and show them some love on via soundcloud if you like what you hear.




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Can I – Drake & Beyonce (Rad Cat Remix)

June 11, 2015

can i drake beyonce rad cat album art

Free Download | Can I - Drake & Beyonce (Rad Cat Remix)

California has been breeding young Electronic artists lately, and Rad Cat is the newest prodigy from the Golden State. He’s been remixing dozens of hot tracks, improving with each release he drops, but once again this is the most creative sound I’ve heard from him yet. The bass heavy slow jam transitions into a crazy electronic banger as soon as the drop hits, and the oriental synth lead is just too intoxicating to describe. Give the track a listen, you really can’t go wrong with Drizzy and Rad Cat. If you like what you hear be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud, and share the track via the social links below.

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DnF – P. Reign, Drake, & Future (TYLERxCORDY Remix)

June 6, 2015

dnf tyler cordy remix drake future album art

Free Download | Download DnF - P. Reign, Drake, & Future (TYLERxCORDY Remix)

I’ll admit, I’m a little late with sharing this remix from Tyler Cordy, but I’ve been bumping it a lot lately and couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all. House style synth, elegant drops, clap-centered build ups, and the slightly distorted OVO accapella create a rendition of this party anthem that’s unrivaled to any others I’ve heard so far. Having listened to a lot of the other material on TYLERxCORDY’s soundcloud, I can confidently say his style is developing into an idealistic intricate sound that sounds great on any remix he tackles. Expect to see more of his music on our site in the future, and if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on twitter and add this track to your turn up playlist.

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Jungle – St. South & CJ Trillo

March 3, 2015


Free Download | Jungle – St. South & CJ Trillo

For the love of all things Drake, I hope you’ve listened to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, otherwise you need to come out from under that rock and start catching up with the rest of the world. Drake released this mixtape as an album to fill his contractual agreement with Cash Money, meaning that his REAL studio project that was set to drop this season (View From The 6) is going to be owned 100% by OVO. It was a smart move for Drizzy, but for the fans who either didn’t want to pay $15 for his new project, or for the fans who aren’t internet savvy enough to find the plethora of album leaks, tons of edits and remixes are popping up which will hopefully fill your Drakeless Void. St. South is an extremely talented singer/producer from Australia, and if you’re not too busy right now, you should definitely go peep her soundcloud and check out some of the free covers and originals she’s released. This edit stands out from the rest, however. She eloquently opens up over the debonair instrumental; an intricate reconstruction and sampling of Jungle off Drake’s new album. Her voice has a comforting presence, she harmonizes with herself and layers her vocals to give it a warm fulfilling sound. The lyricism blew me away; it’s rare to hear such insightful messages in a rap edit, but Olivia perfected her wording throughout the entire song. Backed by Ella Wisniewski on the Sax and CJ Trillo on a smooth closing verse, this remix shines with a different light than the original rap-heavy single. Check it out, and throw St South and CJ a follow on twitter if you like what you hear.