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Ellie – Eastside & Skizzy Mars

November 3, 2014


Download Ellie - Eastside & Skizzy Mars

You’ve probably heard Chris Brown’s popular single Loyal featuring Weezy & Tyga, but Eastside’s acoustic female-rendition is absolutely amazing. You should check out the original first, but ultimately this remix from Skizzy Mars and his producing prodigy Michael Keenan outshines every version of this notorious track you’ve heard thus far. Arpeggiating synth, dream-pop drum workings, and various out-of-the-ordinary samples make the production fitting for NYC’s Skizzy. Eastside’s elegant, light, and somewhat strained vocals remain the focus of the track, but Skizzy’s verse flows perfectly with her indie style voice. The somber, drug induced, and flirtatious lyricism will keep you entertained from start to finish, and for some of you I’m sure the assertion that “these hoes ain’t loyal” will strike a familiar note. Download the Keenan remix, throw it on a playlist, and keep up with Skizzy via twitter if you’re feeling social.  Enjoy.