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All That Matters – ELHAE

August 29, 2015

all that matters art
Free Download | All That Matters - ELHAE

ELHAE is the figurehead of Atlanta’s modern R&B scene, and it shouldn’t be hard for you to see why; he sounds like a combination of Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. Keeping to the trend of his past few releases, this song is full of slow, steady, bass-driven sensuality. His vocals are outright incredible, but the fact that he can transition from singing flawless melodies to spitting elegantly written verses is a quality that’s too rare to overlook. Cop the free download, show him some love on soundcloud and twitter, and watch out for his forthcoming EP.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Long Way Home – Elhae

July 23, 2015

long way home elhae

Free Download | Long Way Home - Elhae

Elhae has been on a streak with the quality of his releases so far this summer. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ve heard the incredible versatility of this Atlanta native singer/rapper. His distinct voice trails across this uniquely crafted production from Gravez and Fortune — distorted samples and waning synth compliments the crisp snares and artfully written and delivered lyrics beautifully. If this is “just one of those nights” where you want to get in your feelings and take the long way home, cop this track and show Elhae some love on twitter and soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Love A Nigga – Elhae

June 28, 2015

love a nigga elhae art

Free Download | Love A Nigga - Elhae

Elhae has been dropping heat this year; from his Aura EP that dropped in February to his latest release with SPZRKT Take Care, everything he’s released has accumulated tens, if not hundreds of thousands of plays on soundcloud. The Atlanta-based R&B singer is back to show that he has what it takes to keep the momentum going and keep fans happy. Love A Nigga is an ode to all the girlfriends who have been on the back burner in lieu of busy boyfriends’ music careers. After gaining a ton of fans, touring to cities around the nation, and consistently releasing great content, it’s easy to imagine where Elhae is coming from when he says he’s says “she thinks I’m blinded by the fame, but she still love a nigga…”. Ominous chimes and heavy bass are the core of the production for this track, with a series of twangy guitar samples scattered throughout the song, and an intense synth solo leading into the outro. Cop the free DL, show Elhae some love on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to share the track if it gets you in your feelings.

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Take Care – Elhae & SPZRKT

May 11, 2015


Free Download | Take Care - Elhae & SPZRKT

You know an R&B song is fire when you see a room full of girls start vibing to it and singing the hook. The sensuality is strong in this new single from Elhae & SPZRKT, and it’s safe to say this bedroom jam is a hit with the ladies. From the seductive lyricism and vocals to the heavily collaborated instrumental, every part of this song clicks with the female crowd. Elhae is an Atlanta-based singer and rapper, and on songs like this he really showcases how well-rounded he really is — sounding like the next generation Chris Brown, but more humble and grass-rooted. Groovy guitar, a hedonistic bass-line, and what sounds like a sitar all play into the incredulously erotic production. Expect to hear a lot more from Elhae in the near future, and be sure to throw him a follow on twitter and soundcloud if you want to show some support.

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February 11, 2015


Atlanta-based R&B artist ELHAE (an acronym for Every Life Has An Ending) has been blowing up the blogosphere with his latest EP titled Aura. Press play, and you may think you’re hearing a re-worked Weeknd or Drake song; feels like ELHAE is still in the process of carving out his own signature sound. That being said, the project overall is ultra smooth and each track blends beautifully into the next. He plays with a delicate balance of R&B crooning ¬†and laid-back rapping over minimal jazzy and ambient production. Situations, a track that samples Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call”, is my personal favorite; it brings down the tempo a bit and gives the original track greater depth in meaning. The Aura EP is music that is soothing, sexy, and should be your next bedroom beats soundtrack. Your girl or guy will thank you later. Download the free project here.