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Triple-Double – Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

May 13, 2016

Triple-Double - Emilio Paredes & Steezefield
Free Download | Triple-Double - Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

A subtle piano rift begins this track, but right at 10 seconds the drums take this beat in an entirely different direction than I expected. Having listened to Emilio’s other tracks, I thought this might be a slower song. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the switch up to rapid hi-hats paired with a fast paced bass kick and steady snare. The deep bass line and higher pitched piano seems to really bring out Emilio’s deep voice, making it seem fuller throughout the track. At 50 seconds, Emilio adds slight distortion and some well timed vocal overlays to the track giving everything his unique touch. This short distortion reveals a line “Ep coming through yea bitch I’m stuntin,” which we hope to see soon.

Emilio then drops the distortion for a second for what seems like is going to be another verse; but well timed overlays mixed with distortion continue through to break way for the beat change at 1:55 featuring Von Alexander. This was my first time hearing Alexander, and I am happy to say that he was a great fit for this song. His voice and lyrical style seemed to pair with that of Emilio perfectly. The track ends with an ominous warning “I suggest you start paying attention” before the track trails off and ends. So, pay some attention to both Emilio and Von on Twitter, and check out the Soundcloud pages for Emilio and Von too.



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Distance – Emilio Paredes

March 24, 2016

Distance - Emilio Paredes
Free Download | Distance - Emilio Paredes

As you grow and mature you realize which friends are assets and which friends are anchors, and knowing the difference between the two is crucial to your success no matter what industry you’re working in. Emilio’s latest release ‘Distance’ is about dropping the people who aren’t pushing him to go further, and keeping his head high and his middle finger higher when skeptics critique his work.

The production from Isaac Alé is atmospheric and aggressive in all the right ways, perfectly adhering to Emilio Parede’s notoriously melancholy sound. Resonating vocals, crisp 808s, and a grumbling bass line provide the backbone to the instrumental, progressing the salacious direction of the song. This is the quality of sound that Emilio and his team have worked tirelessly to achieve, and it’s gratifying to hear how far he’s come since we posted one of his first original singles I Need in 2014.

This is the cultivated, gray scaled, ready-to-win sound that belongs on anyone’s grind-mode playlist. If you haven’t heard of Emilio Paredes before it wouldn’t hurt for you to go catch up on some of his past releases, and if you’re feeling it be sure to throw him a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to show support.


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WYA/WYD – Emilio Paredes

February 8, 2016

WYA/WYD - Emilio Paredes
Free Download | WYA/WYD - Emilio Paredes

The intro to this song reminds me of Look What You’ve Done by Drake; something about the piano melody and muffled conversations in the background just sounds familiar. Emilio linked up with a different producer for this release, and although Steezefield has been a key ingredient in the somber music he’s been making over the past year, his compadre DRVMRBOY stepped up to the plate and killed it this time around it.

‘WYA/WYD’ is an acronym, first and foremost, for “where you at” and “what you doing” respectively. The song itself is an upbeat R&B/hip-hop jam, and strays from the typical melancholy sound that Emilio has mastered in exchange for a more sentimental tone. Although it’s still too heavy on the production end to be considered a love ballad, the balance they’ve found between their gloomy ambiance and mainstream delivery styles.

I’ve been putting Emilio Paredes on for well over a year now, and he has yet to disappoint us; every move he’s made has been carefully calculated and has resulted in a fuller, more palatable sound. Check it out and throw Emilio a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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They Don’t Know – Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

January 10, 2016

They Don't Know - Emilio Paredes & Steezefield
Free Download | They Don't Know - Emilio Paredes & Steezefield

As soon as the beat dropped off, I knew this song was something special that Steezefield and Emilio have been cooking up. Unlike their usual ambient, melancholy sound, this is a go hard, turn up, and “keep your middle finger high” anthem. Steezefield built a beat around this panning synth melody, and rather than muffling his percussion he breaks out an unprecedentedly explosive drum kit and mixes a brisk, invigorating production for Emilio to flow over.

‘They Don’t Know’ is a claim to the throne in some ways; Emilio and Steeze had been growing their following with their new wave hip-hop sound,  but even bloggers like myself didn’t truly appreciate what these two musicians were capable of. Whereas some listeners branded them with a one-track style that would slowly fade away, others saw the potential that these two Chicago natives wielded.

Emilio couldn’t have started this song off better: “I hop out the coupe and they know who I am. Drop a hit in this bitch then I dip, that’s the plan. I bet they won’t say shit, but I bet they gone’ play this.” Clearly this whole song is a jab at the nonbelievers, and if you don’t want to be added to the list of fans who hopped on the bus too late you should cop the free download and throw Emilio and Steezefield a follow on Soundcloud.

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With – Emilio Paredes

November 13, 2015

With - Emilio Paredes
Free Download | With - Emilio Paredes

This is the kind of music you play when you’re having a low-key chilling night with your girl — Emilio Paredes makes songs that get you in your feelings and that are more contemplative than some of the shallower material we post in our hip-hop section. The Bay Area singer/songwriter has been mastering this somber, rainy-day sound for awhile now, and if you caught his debut Places EP than you know exactly what sound I’m talking about; even the artwork features gray skies and dismal scenery. “With” or “W/” is another addition to the vast collection of solemn tracks that Emilio has put out, but as always his style is sounding more refined from his last release. The key to being a successful independent artist is consistent, steady growth, and Emilio Paredes has been moving in the right direction. Although “With” features production from Drvmrboy instead of his usual accomplice Steezefield, and the instrumental samples and distorts some beautiful vocals from Flight Facilities to create the backbone of the song’s production. The slow tempo and grainy quality of the recordings are hypnotizing, but the cascading waves of synth keep you allured as the song transitions and fades in and out. As always, cop the free DL and show Emilio some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you’re feeling the new track.

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Tell Me – Jeremiah Taylor & Emilio Paredes

September 28, 2015

tell me u love me
Free Download | Tell Me - Jeremiah Taylor & Emilio Paredes

If you were vibing to the collab these two artists did last month, Alone, you’re in for a treat — their second release together is another hard-hitting heater, full of egocentric bars and impeccable delivery. Jeremiah’s heavily filtered R&B vocals on the hook have a grainy texture that burns into the grumbling, bass heavy SunnyTheRapper produced instrumental. Emilio’s verse is the best I’ve ever heard him; he doesn’t hold anything back this time around as he unveils his quintessential writing about living a conceited lifestyle. It’s a sick track, and it definitely merits a follow on Soundcloud for both Jeremiah Taylor and Emilio Paredes. Enjoy.

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Lights (Go Low) – Jaiden & Emilio Paredes

September 19, 2015

lights go low
Free Download | Lights (Go Low) - Jaiden & Emilio Paredes

Y’all should be familiar with the Emilio Paredes and Steezefield duo by now, and despite the fact that this song is another ambient, melancholy, low BPM addition to their portfolio, there’s something special here. Jaiden seems to bring out a different, perhaps even better side of these two artists. The production is some of the most coherent work that Steezefield has ever done, and Emilio’s verse showcases crisp lyricism and a refreshing style of delivery. Jaiden’s filtered alternative-R&B vocals are surprisingly fitting to the unique style that the Chicago-based duo has built together, and his writing is both enticing and quotable while still retaining the typical female-centered subject matter. Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of Jaiden, but to keep up you should throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Alone – Jeremiah Taylor & Emilio Paredes

August 9, 2015

alone jeremiah taylor art

Free Download | Alone - Jeremiah Taylor & Emilio Paredes

I love that hip-hop has expanded into genres like this; some of my favorite tracks that I’ve posted on UH are eerie R&B-trap bangers, which many people accredit to Travi$ Scott and his Days Before Rodeo project. Jeremiah submitted this track to us a few days ago, and as soon as I saw the Emilio Paredes feature I knew I was about to dive into something ambient, dark, and heavy. My expectations were more than exceeded; Alone is a slow BPM middle-finger-up anthem. Jeremiah blew me away — I didn’t expect this Californian singer with 53 followers on soundcloud to have me belting out his lyrics and cracking a four loko and 4 in the afternoon, but here I am, writing this review half drunk on a Sunday. Emilio‘s verse is fitting; his crisp and concise bars stretch across this beat like a breath of fresh air amidst the brooding bass and ominous melody. If you love finding undiscovered talent, it doesn’t get more “undiscovered’ than this. Jeremiah might be the new kid on the block with only two official releases, but the shear talent he showcases on ‘Alone’ merits a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud at the very least.

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Hotline Bling – Steezefield & Emilio Paredes

August 1, 2015

hotline bling emilio paredes art

Free Download | Hotline Bling - Steezefield & Emilio Paredes

I’m always skeptical of Drake covers/reworks; no one can hit the custom OVO-crafted beats quite like the 6 God himself. I hit play on this because I’m a fan of just about everything Steezefield and Emilio have dropped together. That being said, I can’t honestly say that I liked this track more than the original Drizzy release from last week, but I can say that this is some of the best delivery, production, and all around music that this duo has put out. Steezefield sounds like a refined R&B singer on the chorus, and both of their verses showcase an intimate yet still characteristically somber style. If you dig it, show some support by throwing Steezefield and Emilio Paredes a follow on soundcloud.

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For Nothing – Emilio Paredes

July 25, 2015

for nothing emilio paredes

Free Download | For Nothing - Emilio Paredes

Emilio sent me this track last week, and it took me awhile to figure out what to say about this one. The production is on point, the usual style we’ve come to expect from him is clearly evident, but maybe that’s why I’m struggling to describe the highlights of this song. Emilio has crafted a sound that’s centered around solemn lyrics and somber production, but when we first posted his material to our site the story was much different. Night’s Long was an impeccable summer anthem, but I haven’t heard Emilio rap over something with a BPM that high ever since. Emilio Paredes is the kind of artist you listen to when it’s gray and rainy outside and you want to get lost in your feelings for awhile, but he’s honestly capable of being so much more than that. Although this release is solid, it isn’t the good vibe banger I was hoping Emilio would pull out for beach season. If you’re in Seattle, or anywhere else that’s gloomy in July, this track is made for you. If you’re like me and still trying to soak in as much sunshine, alcohol, and feel-good music as you can, save this track for an overcast day and you’ll be glad you did. Cop the free download and show Emilio some love on twitter and soundcloud.