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Drifting – Netaji Lamont

May 20, 2015

drifting netaji lamont

Free Download | Drifting - Netaji Lamont

You might remember Everett Orr from his debut original single we posted back in February. The downtempo, intricate, and instrumentally flawless production on this new track from Everett Orr sets some amazing vibes, and it’s the perfect compliment to Netaji Lamont’s voice. Netaji glides across this track with a catchy hook and a couple verses that play into the melancholy aura of the instrumental; mature lyricism, delivery, and vocals are like the cherry and sugar to an old fashioned, topping it off tastefully. Sip slow, take this smooth jam in, and enjoy some alone time. Be sure you follow Netaji Lamont and Everett Orr on soundcloud if you’re feelin’ their new release, and share it if you want to show some support.

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Closer – Everett Orr

February 8, 2015


Download Closer - Everett Orr

After a long week of class, work, and stress, bumping this gem from Everett Orr is the perfect way to unwind. We’re used to hearing Everett behind the scenes; he’s produced for one of our more tenured artists Don Scott, but recently started working on some material of his own, which is sounding more and more like down-tempo bliss. Aside from the live trumpets and guitar, the damp indie vocals and intense production work is all Everett. Crisp, transient lyrics play off of the cascading melody ideally, and as far as first songs go, he’s definitely set the bar high with this one. Go show Everett Orr some love by getting him some followers on soundcloud and twitter, this surely isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of him.