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Ibuprofen – Gallant

May 1, 2014


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Gallant dropped his Felix Snow produced EP Zebra today, and since I already posted 5 out of the 9 tracks this is the only one you really need to hear. His entire project is full of top notch production paired with room-filling R&B vocals. Every track has a personal meaning, which he emphasized in an interview with Billboard “Most of the lyrics and themes came from pages of old journals and voice notes… feelings of guilt and loneliness… admission of regret and anxiety… all the stuff that’s still difficult for me to talk about in the real world but easy to let bleed out on paper…. or scream into a mic in a dark, soundproofed room,”. He’s honestly a lot like The Weeknd, but with less shallow lyrics and more of Snow’s dreamy soundscapes. Enjoy the track, check out the rest of his material, and give Gallant a follow on twitter.

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Forfeit – Gallant

February 4, 2014


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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from R&B singer Gallant, but after checking up on his soundcloud this morning I found a brand new single to share with y’all. Felix Snow is still producing all of Gallant’s ambient instrumentals, but the emotion of this track is all accredited to Gallant’s distant yet powerful vocals. Love songs might not be your cup of tea, but I bet your girl swoons over tracks like these all day, especially with the message hidden in the lyrics of this track. Gallant only sings 12 lines, but in that he asks a girl to forfeit her bad past and mistakes, asks her to vent to him and let him make things better, and admits to being as low as she was before. Poetic lyrics, perfect production, and angelic vocals make a panty-dropping concoction that needs to be on your ‘Good Lovin’ playlist asap.

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Manhattan – Gallant

November 6, 2013


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Download Manhattan - Gallant

Download Die Young - Gallant

I stumbled upon this talented LA based R&B singer this morning and instantly became a fan of his reverb heavy style. After copping a few free downloads on his soundcloud I decided I should share not only his newest installment ‘Manhattan’ but also a mesmerizing cover of Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ that makes the song more than bearable. The collaboration between Gallant’s distant lyrics and Felix Snow’s pearlescent instrumentals has a calming vibe that I think everyone can relate to. Check him out on soundcloud and give him a follow on twitter.