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Save Me From Myself – FMLYBND

April 29, 2015


Download Save Me From Myself - FMLYBND

FMLYBND has gained a ton of fans over their last few releases, and this single is the last we’ll hear from them before they embark on a nation-wide tour with Milky Chance. Save Me From Myself showcases a new, more alternative sound from this Santa Barbara-based group. Electric guitars, waning vocals, and hard hitting percussion contrasts the ambient electronic sound they’ve been showcasing so far. It’s a kind of versatility that’s completely unheard of, yet the track still retains the lively and dynamic style that defines the band. So far they’ve succeeded at releasing a new track per month in 2015, but we’ll have to see how they manage to keep up with this promise while on tour. Enjoy the new single, follow the fam on twitter and soundcloud, and be sure to share it if you like what you hear.

Daily Hype Indie


February 26, 2015


Download Air - FMLYBND

After generating a ton of success off their last two singles, FMLYBND is back this month with yet another sizzling release. Their sound and style has fluctuated a great deal since we first shared their debut single Far Away back in Summer 2013. Since then they’ve been grinding; rearranging the band, enlisting the help of talented producers, touring the country, and consistently releasing new material via their soundcloud. They’ve gone from an electro-indie group to something much more complex, their new sound emanates a darker side that roughly emulates The Neighborhood or The XX. Heavy reverb, layer after layer of synth, and distant industrial-style percussion contrasts their carefully sculpted vocals, creating a lucid atmosphere for their melodic yet desolate sound. Give them a listen, if you like what you hear be sure to go follow them on twitter, peep their EP, and stay tuned for their next release dropping on March 23rd.

Daily Hype Indie

Letting Go – FMLYBND

January 30, 2015


Letting Go - FMLYBND

We started sharing FMLYBND’s music with y’all as soon as they shared their first track with us back in July 2013. Nearly 2 years later, they’ve moved from performing at small venues in Isla Vista, CA to the top charts of HypeM and an international tour alongside the indie folk group Milky Chance. Letting Go strays a little bit from the direction they’ve been headed in thus far, the sound has a heavier electronic influence, countless layers of synth, and somber estranged lyricism. Despite the unconventional style, the track still features familiar melodious progressions we’ve grown to expect from this west coast group. Enjoy, and be sure to keep up with the band via twitter if you haven’t already.

Daily Hype Indie

Where Is My Mind – FMLYBND

December 30, 2014


Download Where Is My Mind - FMLYBND

I’m sure you know the original song Where Is My Mind by the Pixies, whether you actually know who the Boston group is or if you just remember this song playing at the end of Fight Club. Well, regardless, you haven’t heard their hit single like this. FMLYBND is a west coast indie collective that we haven’t heard from in nearly a year, but now that they’re on tour and releasing free music, I’m happy to be able to share them with you once again. This is one of their best creations yet, and what I love about this band is that they never cease to surprise me; each release shows just a little bit more versatility. Cop the free download, check out their Back To Life EP if you’ve got $4 to spend, and follow them on twitter if you like what you hear.