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MuthaFucka Up (Remix) – Fresh

January 20, 2014


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The Dean and I have had the pleasure of meeting and actually becoming friends with this new artist out of Long Beach, California over the last year and Fresh finally submitted a track to me today. The track remixes Tyga’s “Muthafucka Up” featuring Nicki Minaj and like he states in his second verse he truly does “rip it a new one”. The lyricism throughout the entire song is grade A, and you can tell he just has a lot of fun with this. He makes the whole song ┬ásound easy which is what I think really impressed me at first. ┬áHe owns this remix, but I’ll let you make the comparisons for yourself. Give the song a listen and if your feeling this then check out Fresh’s soundcloud and watch out for more of this artist in the future.