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Covered In Money – Future (Misogi Remix)

April 15, 2016

Covered In Money - Future (Misogi Remix)
Free Download | Covered In Money - Future (Misogi Remix)

I didn’t really appreciate Future as a musician until he dropped his album ‘Honest’ in 2014, and one of the project’s best songs was his single Covered In Money. It’s still an iconic song, one that represents this artist’s sound and lifestyle through it’s grind-centered connotations and big-room ATL production from Sonny Digital. It’s a trap anthem, which might be a turn off for some of our less amicable followers, but Misogi’s remix helps bring the song’s melodic qualities to the forefront.

It’s true that trap music seems shallow on the surface, but if there’s one thing that Future has taught us as an artist, it’s that there’s pain and emotion hidden under these seemingly superficial lyrics. I don’t know if you heard the acoustic rendition he released of No Basic, but it’s a slightly slower piano-based version that’s soulful enough to make even his biggest haters applaud. That’s how I see remixes; they’re not necessarily “original”, but they help you see songs in a new light and make trap artists like Future palatable for all types of listeners. This remix of ‘Covered In Money’ incorporates the best of both artists; a simple piano progression, airy synths, and crisp percussion loops scattered with creative sampling put the world renowned lean-sipping rapper in an ethereal atmosphere — one that is surprisingly fitting.

Check it out, download if you like what you hear. Future shouldn’t be a new name for y’all, but if you aren’t following Misogi on Soundcloud and Twitter already you should definitely show him some love.

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Stick Talk – Future & Rick Ross

October 27, 2015

Stick Talk - Future & Rick Ross
Free Download | Stick Talk - Future & Rick Ross

By now I’m sure most of us have listened to Future’s 2015 album Dirty Sprite 2, and if not you need to catch up; the former codeine addict hailing from Atlanta has been putting out hit after hit this year. ‘Stick Talk’ is about the violent, criminal culture that he’s grown up with. From sipping syrup to packing heat, this is a through and through ATL anthem, which makes the Miami-bred (and former peace officer) Rick Ross an unprecedented feature. The remix dropped on Rozay’s soundcloud earlier this week, and I was honestly a little bit hesitant to post it, but I decided to share it mainly because of the fact that this is without a doubt my favorite track that 808 Mafia affiliated producer Southside has ever created. Dreamy synths pan across the track as perfectly arranged percussion rides across organic guitar and piano progressions. Future is still the star of the track, as he usually is on 808 instrumentals, but the addition of Rick Ross makes this song a freebie, and for that we have to salute the Black Bottle King. Cop the free DL and show him some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

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DnF – P. Reign, Drake, & Future (TYLERxCORDY Remix)

June 6, 2015

dnf tyler cordy remix drake future album art

Free Download | Download DnF - P. Reign, Drake, & Future (TYLERxCORDY Remix)

I’ll admit, I’m a little late with sharing this remix from Tyler Cordy, but I’ve been bumping it a lot lately and couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all. House style synth, elegant drops, clap-centered build ups, and the slightly distorted OVO accapella create a rendition of this party anthem that’s unrivaled to any others I’ve heard so far. Having listened to a lot of the other material on TYLERxCORDY’s soundcloud, I can confidently say his style is developing into an idealistic intricate sound that sounds great on any remix he tackles. Expect to see more of his music on our site in the future, and if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on twitter and add this track to your turn up playlist.