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Me Myself & I – G-Eazy (No Sleep Remix)

January 23, 2016

Me Myself & I - G-Eazy (No Sleep Remix)
Free Download | Me Myself & I - G-Eazy (No Sleep Remix)

G released his second studio album in December of last year, and although some fans were disappointed by the seemingly mainstream project, the majority of us basked in the Bay Area bred rapper’s anthems and applauded him on yet another successful release.

No Sleep is a talented young producer from Pittspurgh, PA. He’s released solely remixes to date, but his fan base has already grown to over 60,000 followers on Soundcloud and he’s currently wrapping up a short US tour. The guy is good at reworking tracks and turning them into club hits, so when I saw that he’d worked his magic on G-Eazy’s hottest single from 2015 “Me Myself & I”, I knew I’d be sharing this with y’all today.

The single itself is the highlight of G’s last album; Baby Rexha’s addictive melody has been stuck in my head since October of last year, and Gerald spits some insightful lyricism about the underlying emotions he’s feeling about his success, fame, and fortune. The remix is ambient at first, but slowly digresses into hip-hop centered house production. It’s a sick track, and in my opinion it earns No Sleep a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Far Alone – G-Eazy & Jay Ant (Phlex Remix)

September 21, 2015

far alone
Free Download | Far Alone - G-Eazy & Jay Ant (Phlex Remix)

It’s weird that ‘Far Alone’ is already considered a throwback, but you can already hear the difference between G’s flow on this track and on his newer material. That being said, Phlex completely revamps this song, and I love what he did with it. A melodic saxophone loop is backed by upbeat piano chords and crisp drum arrangements, creating a really relaxing feel-good atmosphere around the originally ominous verses. It’s a perfect blend of tropical electronic production and new age Bay Area hip-hop, and not many producers can pull this off so smoothly. Needless to say, you should cop the free download and follow Phlex on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up with his future releases.

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Say So – G-Eazy

September 18, 2015

say so
Free Download | Say

This is more in-tune with what we’ve been hearing from G lately — arrogant rants with catchy hooks and aggressive bars. “Say So” starts off with a sample of one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski, and immediately drops into an eerie string progression backed by hard hitting bass and crisp percussion. Young Gerald goes off about haters, hoes, and his hometown as the Vinylz produced instrumental knocks against your speakers. Cop the free download and show G some love on Twitter and Soundcloud; it’s EAZY season.

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Need You Now – G-Eazy

September 18, 2015

need you now
Free Download | Need You Now - G-Eazy

As per usual, G-Eazy likes dropping his free material in threes, and this final installation is just as good as you’d expect. Fast paced ambient production transitions into a bass-heavy and synth ridden hip-hop instrumental as G lays down quotable verses and a heavily distorted chorus. You really can’t expect anything but greatness when Gerald releases original material, and “Need You Now” is yet another hit that he graciously put out for free. Grab the free DL and show him some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you haven’t already.

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Friend Zone – G-Eazy & Marc E. Bassy

September 17, 2015

friendzone marc e basy
Free Download | Friend Zone - G-Eazy & Marc E. Bassy

Didn’t see this collaboration coming, but you already know this song is going to be a panty-dropper. ‘Friend Zone’ showcases G-Eazy’s softer side, which is a nice change of pace after he dropped back-to-back arrogantly written bangers last month. This song, as I’m sure you can infer, is about being friend-zoned, to which both these artists eloquently retort “fuck the friend zone”. G’s flow is downtempo, and a little bit melancholy, while Marc flexes his range and room-filling vocals. With talent like this behind the mic you can’t go wrong, so expect nothing less than greatness when you hit play. Enjoy, and be sure to show G-Eazy and Marc E. Bassy some love via Soundcloud.

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Do That – Rawch

August 22, 2015

Rawch - Do That

Free Download | Do That - Rawch

Whenever I think about rappers with talent, The┬áBrazilian Rawch is always the first person who comes to mind. Not only can he produce bangers, but he spits so naturally that you would think he’s been an MC since birth. With a dark instrumental and heavy flow, this track is just one to post up and vibe to with all your boys. Rawch talks about being on the come up, seeing early success, and in a way his hubristic tone reminds me of G-Eazy with the way he delivers cleverly worded bars; “Put it on your insta G, your girl want that insta D” is by far one of the most savage lines I’ve heard all year. Rawch is on his way to blowing up, and has been working with France based producer FAB who is responsible for this sick instrumental. This track was just released, and with already over 14,000 plays, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one surpass his previous release “Chemistry“. I recommend you to get this free download and bump it with all your friends, because it’s one of those songs that you just want to have on repeat to keep the good vibes rolling. I’m happy to say that Rawch’s relationship with UniversityHype just keeps growing, and we cannot wait to see where this kid goes. Be sure to #SpreadTheHype and show him some love on both soundcloud and twitter if you like what you hear.


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Running – G-Eazy

July 14, 2015

running g-eazy art
Free Download | Running - G-Eazy

Three songs in 24 hours is just something G-Eazy likes to do every few months or so. Of the trio of phenomenal songs, this is by far the realest. It’s good to see the humbler side of G, the one who reminisces on a convoluted past; living in the Bay, moving to New Orleans, growing his sound, committing his life to music, and bringing his long-time bro Marty to the top with him. The bangers he dropped today are the types of songs that are going to get tons of airplay, but this is the G that all his true fans are going to appreciate. The come up comes with trials and tribulations, and a lot of people don’t recognize the amount of work that goes in to building their image and creating careers for themselves in the music industry. This isn’t something that happens over night, it comes with years and years of practice, dedication, and relentless grinding through the low parts in life.

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You Got Me – G-Eazy

July 14, 2015

you got me g-eazy art

Free Download | You Got Me - G-Eazy

“BITCH YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP,” is about to be the new motto. Production from 808 Mafia has G delivering these lyrics in a way I’ve never even heard before. Resounding bass, wobbly percussion, and hypey sirens that sound like something out of a Kill Bill movie, set a drug-induced scape for G-Eazy to flow over. I couldn’t imagine anyone killing this track harder than he just did. You might need to play this back a few times to make sure this is the same person who dropped Must Be Nice back in 2013. I told you G wasn’t fucking around this year, and it’s clear that he’s enveloped his all-black rap persona on a whole new level. Everything aspect of this song is fire, so don’t hesitate with that free download button.

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Oh Well – G-Eazy

July 13, 2015

oh well g-eazy art

Free Download | Oh Well - G-Eazy

G-Eazy is as pretentious and hubristic as they come, but not many people can back their attitude with gold like this. G blew up last year with the release of These Things Happen, and regardless of how you feel about it, he’s only getting bigger, cockier, and better at dropping fire tracks. Oh Well features eery production from Brooklyn’s Illmind, precise and hard hitting delivery from G-Eazy, and lyrics that you’ll be quoting for the next month. G is in a league of his own, his quick come up was foreseeable, but his sustained growth and consistently amazing content was unprecedented by a lot of people. He’s well on his way to becoming one of the most prominent rappers of our generation, and I don’t take things like that lightly. Don’t sleep, join the hype.


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90210 – Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

May 16, 2015


Free Download | 90210 - Blackbear & G-Eazy (Matt Dimona Remix)

You’ve gotta love Matt DiMona. His remixes are always concise, creative, and tend to do the original tracks justice. This is his most recent creation, and thankfully it’s a free bootleg of the amazing collab between Blackbear & G-Eazy. The original track was great, but if I’m being honest, the lightweight-house style that Matt has perfected is just ecstasy to my ears. From the distant percussion to the blaring synth-lead, everything comes together to create this dream-like aura over the Cali-centered vocals. Amazing work, definitely worth a listen, and if you haven’t already you should follow Matt DiMona on soundcloud and twitter.