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Where The Twerk At – Chris O’Bannon & GMAC

March 18, 2014


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Download Where The Twerk At - Chris O'Bannon & GMAC

Long Beach native and R&B artist Chris O’Bannon submitted his latest project The Lost Files mixtape, and although not every track was up to our standards this one stood out among the others. By the title you can tell that this track probably doesn’t have a secret hidden message you need to decipher, actually this song requires no thoughts at all. This is just throw it in your face fun, and guaranteed to get the ladies up and out of their seats. If you’ve been looking for a new party anthem or just something you can shake your ass to your in luck, because O’Bannon brought it to our front door. Hit that play button one time and if your vibin’ make sure to show love and catch the whole project on Chirs’ soundcloud.