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SHITONYOU – Goon des Garcons

April 23, 2015

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Rapper Goon des Garcons ┬ájust released visuals to accompany his single SHITONYOU, which you can find on his latest project YOUNGDIRTYBASTARD. The track starts off with Goon’s signature ghoulish sound, a sample from “Gates of Babylon” by Rainbow. The whole Young Gods of America squad cruises down open roads, posting up on tractors and bridges, as Goon raps about climbing to the top of the game. To achieve success, he realizes he’s gotta keep his circle tight and his money close. It’s all a competition, and Goon will SHITONYOU if he has to. Snag this free download, and if you’re craving more tripped-out anthems, download the entire YOUNGDIRTYBASTARD project and check our SXSW interview with the whole crew.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Dirty Boyz 2K14 – Goon Des Garcons & Wolfy Mane (Music Video)

September 7, 2014



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Last we heard from Little Rock’s Goon Des Garcons was his single Melro$e off his Meanwhile.. EP which we regrettably missed, but thankfully he popped up in my inbox with a music video to this absolutely filthy track off the project. This song is all about being a “Dirty Boy” which includes but not limited to: not giving a fuck, being violent, troublesome, having a love for gold, and of course getting drunk and stoned on the daily. Sign me up. B L A C K P A R T Y produced this slow, spooky, kick driven instrumental which perfectly reflects this ghoulish vibe the artists want to portray. The music video in itself is simple, but with street level shots of the two artists and their posse being phased in and out by different colors and images some of which are Disney related. Overall phenomenal track, great video, and a fantastic project. Hit that play button one time, follow Goon Des Garcons and Wolfy Mane on twitter, and make sure to check out the full Meanwhile.. project on soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Melro$e – Goon Des Garcons

January 5, 2014


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Every MC needs to make a slow anthem from time to time, and Goon Des Garcons has now problem taking things down a notch “fo da lite skins out there”. Although he’s a new artist to the site and probably this is probably first time he’s been in your speakers, the great production and catchy chorus had the whole crew vibing out. Give Goon a chance and enjoy some clever rhymes about light skinned girls in gold chains and Gucci.