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12:34 am – GRK

February 16, 2016

12:34 am - GRK
Free Download | 12:34 am - GRK

It’s official, the Golden Roy Killaz are back in the booth. They came back into the music scene after a year long hiatus with Thoughts/Thinking Pt. 2 last month, and it’s clear that they’re taking this project seriously in 2016. Despite taking 12 months off from making music together, their sound is refined, their lyrics are invigorating, and their production quality is better than ever before.

Whereas their last release seemed to close a chapter in their lives and touched on an emotional subject, ’12:34 a.m.’ is a turn up anthem that doesn’t require any dissection. The production combines an eerie ambiance with aggressive hip-hop percussion; panning lead synths and heavily filtered vocal samples comprise the core of their instrumental, while layers of cymbals, snares, bass kicks, and bells keep the roughly 118 bpm pace.

The lyrics are about getting faded and pushing your liver to its limit, which shouldn’t be hard for the majority of us to relate to. Parker’s vocals have a distinct Tory Lanez feel this time around, while Hayden’s bars are hyphy and packed with clever analogies. It’s a song to take shots to, a song to smoke to, a song to grind to — whatever you’re doing at 12:34 a.m., I guarantee you this will make a fitting backtrack. Check it out, show GRK some love on Soundcloud and Twitter, and be on the lookout for more material from them in the near future.

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Thoughts/Thinking Pt. 2 – GRK

January 2, 2016

Thoughts/Thinking Pt. 2 - GRK
Free Download | Thoughts/Thinking Pt. 2 - GRK

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the Austin experimental rap/R&B group GRK, and most of you probably aren’t familiar with them at all. A brief recap: I met these guys back in Summer 2014 when I first moved to Austin, they dropped a short 5-track EP — titled Algarita, after the name of their apartment complex — and then we never heard from them again. The product the created in the short time they were together was a flavorful taste of the chill, feel-good vibe that ATX is all about, and a year and a half later they’re returning with Part II of their original “love song” Thinking feat. Sam Franklin.

The vibe is much more fitting for the gray, cold winter weather than their uplifting summer EP. Where Part I was a beckoning for a deeper love and wished to mend old wounds, Part II is about letting go of something that can’t be fixed. The slow keyboard progression, inventive percussion, and sensual saxophone breakdowns compile into a formidable yet calming instrumental. The hook is as chilling as the production, and although the verses were full of meaningful lyricism, the 18 month hiatus is evident in their delivery. Give it a listen, and show them some love on SoundCloud to be supportive.

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Like You/Falling For – urlchild

October 7, 2014


Download Like You/Falling For - urlchild

Urlchild, also known as Lil’ Transparency, was first introduced to us as a rap/R&B producer for the GRK collective, but when he took the spotlight and dropped this original mix I knew I had underestimated his shear creative aptitude. Where many producers might layer 20+ instruments on top of each other to create a seemingly complex sound, urlchild takes a simple beat and evolves the distorted-samples, light synth, and vibey electronic piano around it to create this ecstasy-filled melody. When the beat drops into the upbeat piano chords and redolent vocals, you can’t help but nodding your head in sync with the limpid yet innovative production. Check it out, cop the exclusive download, and show some love by sharing the good vibes with your friends.

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Algarita – GRK (EP)

May 30, 2014


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Download Algarita - Golden Roy Killaz (Mixtape)

The first time I met these guys they were pretty far gone; bars, beer, bud, and Super Smash Bros set the vibe for their comfortable Austin-based apartment. Although my first impression was that they were just a bunch of crazy ass stoners, my perception changed after their producer showed me what they’d been working on. Their apartment off Algarita Avenue is a creative breeding ground for their music, through the thick marijuana haze they fabricated 5 unique tracks in a closet-sized studio. Everyone who lives in the house brings something to the table; whether its rapping, producing, singing, or mixing. From the second you hit play on AriZona you’ll know what I’m talking about; weird instruments, good vibes, great vocals, and lyrically rich flows are the only constants on the project. For the most part however, each track sounds completely different from the last, and by the end of the tape you’ll really have a good idea of what this crew is capable of. What they lack in experience they make up for with shear talent and innovation, so cop the free download and help grow their fan base by buying their tape on bandcamp and following them on twitter.