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Ground Up (Interview)

March 29, 2015



Got the chance to meet with Ground Up’s Azar and Molotov out at SXSW and get an inside look at what their plans are for 2015. Always a pleasure meeting up with this crew, check it out and share the video if you’re feeling it.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Tijuana – Ground Up & AJ Hernz

January 20, 2015


Download Tijuana - Ground Up

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Philly’s very own Ground Up, but they’ve sustained their momentum by dropping intermittent bangers like On Me back in October. Although this is a single, and there’s still no word on whether they’ve got a new project in the works, it’s a safe bet to say Tijuana is the start of a very successful year for the 17’s crew. Produced by none other than Bij Lincs, Tijuana displays his ability to make seemingly intricate instrumentals with a basic melody, intrinsic percussion, and a down-tempo bass line. After twelve mixtapes, it’s clear that no producer is a better match for Azar and Malakai’s vocals. Azar gets things rolling by painting a scene of him and his girl running away to Tijuana, a tropical Mexican city right on the border of California. AJ Hernz sings a catchy seemly hook, followed by Malakai’s reminiscing verse about better times with an ex, keeping the focus on getting away to paradise for awhile. Yet another jem from 1711, cop the free download or show some support via iTunes if you’ve got the cash to blow. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the rest of their free material on the site and catch them on tour with OCD: Moosh & Twist in a city near you.

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On Me – Ground Up

October 24, 2014


On Me - Ground Up

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve shared some new Ground Up with y’all, but after the huge success of their first iTunes single Let’s Ride they’re back to dropping free material again. Bij Lincs is on the beat, as per usual; catchy flute, eerie strings, and distant drum workings make for an absolute fire instrumental for Azar and Malakai to spit over. There’s very few rap groups who have what it takes to make it to the next level, but Ground Up has been riding together for the last 12 mixtapes, and their skills have never been sharper. Crisp verses about their devotion, potential, and tribulations back their assertion to place your bet on 17’s. No matter what angle you look at this track from, it’s clear that Ground Up is gaining momentum, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect to hear more from them soon. Follow the crew on twitter, check out their soundcloud, and don’t sleep on these tenured and talented artists.

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Through The Smoke – Marty Grimes (Mixtape)

March 31, 2014


[soundcloud id=’28545373′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download Through The Smoke - Marty Grimes (Mixtape)

In a matter of months we’ve not only been introduced to Marty Grimes as an artist, but we’ve also been gifted with his first full-length project; 11 tracks come together to comprise the diverse yet expressive tape Through The Smoke. Whether it’s flexing his flows, delivering fast-paced rhymes, or serenading his audience, Marty’s unique style is consistently crowd-pleasing. You’ve probably already heard a few of singles, and consequently most of the big features (G-Eazy & Ground Up), but the two non-rap artists he brings in (Meta4 & Tess Comrie) add so much to the project, opening up the door for Indie fans to find something they like on this tape too. All around this is the most you could ask from Marty for a first project, and I’m more than happy with how good this sounds coming through my speakers. I once heard someone say “You either work to make your dreams come true, or you’re working for someone who is.” but Marty proves that it’s possible to do both; selling thousands of dollars in Merch and helping his child-hood friend G-Eazy tour, yet still managing to put this together and have his voice heard. Show some love on twitter and enjoy the fresh new Marty.

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Not Fuckin Around – Marty Grimes & Ground Up

March 17, 2014


[soundcloud id=’139770266′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Not Fuckin Around - Marty Grimes & Ground Up

Just before he releases his project Through The Smoke on March 31st, we’re gifted with Marty’s 3rd single; featuring a familiar trio from Philly. KDE’s production consistently compliment’s Marty Grime’s style, but hearing Ground Up drop a verse inbetween the hypnotic chorus emphasizing hard work and harder smoking. The versatility in delivery and rhythm between this and Marty’s last two singles, Coastin and Bang Bang feat. G-Eazy, have given me a lot of confidence in this newly established rapper. Expect to see his first album up here in the next few weeks, be sure to show Marty and Ground Up some love on twitter.

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Werk It Remix – Bij Lincs

November 19, 2013



[soundcloud id=’120839859′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Many of you might’ve checked out Ground Up’s dope new clothing line, but today their producer Bij Lincs released his first solo work. After years of making creative and catchy instrumentals, Bij tried his hand at some trap house production, and this shit goes off. The familiar ‘Look At Me Now’ sample and bouncy bass is matched with trippy visuals of bouncing asses, fan submitted smoke videos, and some intense hypnotizing sequence of Dumbo the Elephant. All in all Bij nailed this remix and arranged the track in a way that keeps you wanting more. I’ll let the track speak for itself, give Bij a listen and enjoy the free download via soundcloud.

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Breakfast – Ground Up & G-Eazy

October 2, 2013


[soundcloud id=’113244778′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Breakfast - Ground Up & G-Eazy

We knew this collab was in the works awhile ago, but here’s the final product of Ground Up x G-Eazy. The Bij Linc’s production keeps the track sounding like a Ground Up original, but the vocals are different from what we’re used to from these artists. 2013 has been a crazy year for all of them, from nation-wide tours to personal download records, it’s safe to say they’re on one right now. Keep these guys in your spotlight, and stay tuned for more info on Ground Up’s new project.

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Promiseland – Ground Up (EP)

July 9, 2013


[soundcloud id=’7586340′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download Promiseland EP

Ground Up is a fan favorite here at UniversityHype, but I don’t think any of us have heard them like this. With 11 mixtapes under their belt it’s safe to say Ground Up had some experience in finding their sound for ‘Promiseland’ (their very first EP).  The production from Bij Lincs is stellar; from start to finish each beat is on point and the two Philly based rappers sound like they were born to go over his instrumentals. As for the lyricism, Azar and Malakai opened up about their fast-track to fame while still managing to implement their love for reefer. Grab this EP and make the best move of your summer.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Interviews

Ground Up (Interview)

March 27, 2013

[soundcloud id=’85181983′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Got to chill with the entire Ground Up crew and ask them a few questions while they were on tour with G-Eazy and Skizzy Mars, check it out.

As a group you guys have dropped 11 total Mixtapes, how does Supernatural compare to the last 10?

Malakai: It’s definitely our most commercial project, it has the most downloads out of anything we’ve ever made, which is awesome.

Bij Lincs: I think it’s one of our most experimental mixtapes, ‘Girls That Smoke Cigarettes’ was probably my favorite mixtape we ever worked on, and ever since then we’ve been growing but Supernatural was a stretch for us; doing features we’ve never done before and musically doing stuff we’ve never done before.

So what’s next for Ground Up?

Azar: We’re gonna be dropping our new EP next fall, like you’ve said we’ve already given away 11 free Mixtapes, so hopefully the fans will give something back, you know? But giving away free music man, that’s always gonna be in our repertoire, that’s what got us here and we’re well aware of that.

Bij Lincs: And the music industry calls for it, it’s so easy to get music these days that you kind of have to start off by dropping free projects.

Y’all have a really unique style to your music, the vibe people get from it draws them in and separates you from other up and coming groups. What would you say Ground Up’s style is?

Bij Lincs: I feel like we keep the sound of Philly. A lot of the artists around Philly influence our style.

Azar: We’re all big music fans, if you ask any of us what our favorite artists are we’ll name a couple of MC’s just like any other rappers. We have a very diverse music catalog that we listen to, and I think our sound reflects that, because we come together and all of our tastes kind of combine.

How did Ground Up come to be? Where’d you all meet?

Malakai: We all met and started making music 4 years ago, getting high, and just having fun with it. Eventually it got to the point where we started thinking “maybe we should continue this on a bigger scale”.

Bij Lincs: We had a lot of support from our friends and stuff, and they drove us to keep going, and we were just like “fuck it, let’s do it.”

Malakai: We actually started trying, and haven’t stopped since.

How do you consistently drop so much music? I don’t know any other group that’s dropped 11 mixtapes in 4 years for FREE.

Malakai: The thing about us is we’ve released almost every song we’ve ever made. A lot of people probably wouldn’t have released our first 4 mixtapes, but we just love doing it. Music is a priority in our life, and we make time for it.

Azar: We’re all driven people, it’s kind of second nature for us to make music. For us to stop making music would just mean giving up everything we’re passionate about. It’s not this arduous task, we’re having fun the whole time.

Bij Lincs: I think we’re just eager to get better, at least that’s what keeps me motivated.

Y’all are based out of Philly, and you definitely carry your city in your back. Kind of like how MGK is the new rapper from Cleveland, Ground Up is from Philly and is on the come up. How do you feel about representing Philadelphia in your music?

Malakai: I love Philadelphia, and I really don’t think there’s a better place for us to make music and represent in our music.

Azar: I hope we can carve our own niche, but at the same time it’s been a blessing because we’ve worked with a ton of people that we grew up listening to. It’s surreal, but Philadelphia has our back, and we’re always going to ride for our city.

What’s been the biggest change from doing local shows on the east coast to hopping on bigger tours like the one you just went on with G-Eazy?

Bij Lincs: I feel like being in touch with the fans and everything. Visiting places we haven’t been before where we have fans is dope, and I love that we get to go out and meet them now.

Malakai: Directly gaining new fans. Being in front of a large crowd who doesn’t really know who we are is intimidating, but when it’s time to get down, they do, and that’s awesome.

How was touring with G-Eazy & Skizzy Mars been?

Malakai: It’s been crazy.

Azar: They’re good people, talented artists, and they party in every city.

Bij Lincs: I’ve been drunk every night.

Planning any collaborations with Skizzy & G-Eazy?

Malakai: I’ve been planning it… I just don’t know if they know I’ve been planning it.

Azar: If all goes well, look out for some Ground Up feat G-Eazy.

Production work is a huge part of y’alls music, some of the beats you make bump really hard and it’s clear that you’ve experimented a lot over the past projects with Ground Up you’ve worked on. Do you think you have a certain style now? What brands a ‘Produced by Bij Lincs’ track?

Bij Lincs: I met them in 7th grade, started making beats in highschool, so I’ve had some time to grow as a producer and learn how to adapt to what people want to hear. There’re people out there right now listening to electronic, dubstep, and all these different kinds of music. So the hardest thing is making something that everyone can jam to.

Last question I have is about your recently dropped track ‘Head Over Heels’. It kind of came out of nowhere 6 months after your Supernatural Mixtape dropped. It’s a dope track, and really different from the sound you had in Supernatural. Is this track foreshadowing where Ground Up is headed over the next couple of years?

Azar: The thing is, we never really stop making music. Even after we release a project, we’re gearing up for something else. So for right now, I don’t want to let out too much info, but we have a lot of songs in the cut preparing for this EP while keeping our fans happy and still giving them free music.