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Pressure – Jaae Kash

January 25, 2015


Download Pressure - Jaae Kash

Between the loss of his Mother and his home Jaae Kash has been just trying to keep it together this past year or so, but in a very characteristic manner Jaae Kash turns it into a defining moment (and a song). “Pressure” is a song meant to inspire those whom feel like they’re trapped in the dark corner of a bad situation, and Jaae’s triumphant voice a beacon of light meant to guide you out safely. As per usual this is a self-produced piece, making use of several layers of ascending and descending synth to give the track an atmosphere nothing short of epic. Jaae quoted 1 Corinthians 10:13 which describes the message of the song better than I ever could:

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”

Hit that play button, cop the free download from the big homie, and if you haven’t shown love on twitter or soundcloud you’ve got some catching up to do.

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It Ain’t Over – Jaae Kash

November 29, 2014


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Download It Ain't Over - Jaae Kash

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard the signature “Jaae Kash” imprint as a hard hitting instrumental begins to fade in, but after several months of silence Jaae has delivered us his newest cut reminding fan and hater alike that “It Ain’t Over”. While the track is short, concluding in just a little under two minutes, the instrumental is heavy hitting. Based around a very ominous piano riff Jaae adds layers of synth, distorted horns, and plenty of kicks and claps giving the song a rapturous, yet focused feel. Even without a clear, repeated chorus Jaae Kash manages to make this track come full circle. Delivering a hard verse about the battles with his demons and coming to fruition in the light of the lord followed by a powerful prayer at the end of the song. I’m not expecting this to be anybody’s favorite Jaae Kash track of all time, but what I do like about the track is the “Keep Your Head Up.” attitude in it. As well as Jaae showing us once again the truly powerful, and love filled relationship he maintains with our lord and savior. Hit that play button, cop the free download, and make sure to show Jaae Kash a little love on twitter if you haven’t already.

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Jaae Kash (Interview)

August 1, 2014


Although you’ve recently started to gain more of a following, a lot of people still don’t know Jaae Kash. If you could sum up your musical image in a few words what would they be? Do you think you portrayed that image the best you could in your project?

I feel my musical image is being an encouraging unit to the masses. I feel like every day of my life, I’m growing as a child of God. I go through things on a daily basis, but that doesn’t stop my grind. That doesn’t take away my faith. That doesn’t stop me from seeking opportunity. We all have a struggle. It’s people fighting for their lives out in Gaza right now. I know God will make a way for them though. The way I feel is I’m fighting for my life too you feel me? I said that to say this: no matter what it really looks like, we all have some sort of struggle to face. Through that struggle though, we are able to endure. That’s what the Bible tell us. That’s what I want to give to the people. I want people to hear my music and feel encouraged. I want them to see the transformation from the man I used to be to the new man I am now. The canvas in my life is much larger now. I am a better looking image. People see me now and see the change. That’s exactly what I want.

You frequently reference God and religion in your music, is their any particular stories behind that? Have you always been religious? Do you think that openly flaunting your relationship with God aids or hurts you in a industry fueled by violence, sex, and substance abuse?

I’ve always been in and out of churches growing up so God has always been in my life, even when I thought otherwise. It wasn’t until 2012, when life really set in, that I turned myself over to God. I remember I was having some serious relationship trouble with my ex. Around that same time, my mother was very ill with congestive heart failure. Not to mention, I was barely making ends meet financially. You can only imagine the pain I was going through at that time. I felt like no one was here for me. I felt like I had no where to go. One day I sat up in my bed and downloaded the Bible app to my phone. I opened the app and God showed up in my life. From that day, I knew everything was going to change because I believed in the gospel. As I continued to believe, situations around me became different. You know the saying: “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone”? That’s exactly what happened. It’s still happening this very day. I don’t worry too much about the industry and how everybody else feels when it’s comes to Christ. I wasn’t always like that though, but overtime, the Lord began working on me and speaking out about my faith. I want to give the youth hope. I want to show the world you don’t have to be so explicit to make a club song. You don’t have to curse to make a great record. I have a upcoming record entitled “Boomerang”. It’s a club track. I believe the only curse word I said in the whole song was “damn”. I don’t even know if that counts as a curse word, but you catch my drift.

Your mother recently passed away, which is hard for any son to cope with. What kind of role did she play in your life? Do you try to leave that situation out of your music, or has it opened up new doors for your writing?

She taught me how to be strong. Women have this amazing power to stand firm in difficult situations. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s outstanding. She was also a child of God so you can only imagine how strong my mother really was. I can honestly say, her passing has encouraged me to keep making music. I feel I have so much to talk about, now, in my records. I feel I have so much more strength and encouragement to display to the ones that are listening. I plan to really reveal myself in my next upcoming projects, if it’s in the Lord’s will to do so.

#SKYISTHEMINIMUM was really a lot of people’s first exposure to you as an artist, do you think it’s received the attention it deserved or would you have liked to see more of a response?

I feel it’s still reaching new heights. #SKYISTHEMINIMUM is more of a testimony album than anything else. When you put something like that out into the world, it’s kind of hard to ignore. I’m confident that eventually, it’s going to reach so many people. I appreciate all the support that every one has been giving, but I just want to say that’s it’s about to get real. I haven’t dropped any videos yet. Imagine when I do. I haven’t sold any shirts yet. Imagine when I do. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to perform here and there, but imagine when I’m booked month after month. Imagine when everything comes together. #SKYISTHEMINIMUM is going to explode. Remember I said that.

What’s in store for Jaae Kash and his fan base in the coming months? & where do you see yourself being a couple years down the road as a new artist?

As I’ve said previously, I have a record coming out entitled “Boomerang” hitting the streets August 7th. I have a show in Hollywood August 17th. I’m planning to drop a few videos from the album. I have a couple of records I’ve been keeping on the low that’s ready to go too. Things are in the works. I just finished producing and mixing a couple of records for my boy Beno’s latest album “Only The Beginning”. I can’t really complain and I don’t want to say to much. Just expect greatness. In the next couple years, I honestly don’t know because tomorrow is never promised. If it’s in the Lord’s will to be blessed with that length of life, I know I’ll still be growing as a person. I feel that’s the most important thing. When you change as a person, you can expose the old you and shine light on the new you. That’s what makes you an artist.

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Me – Bobby Dunnit, Jeff Dillard, & Jaae Kash

July 3, 2014


Me - Bobby Dunnit, Jeff Dillard, & Jaae Kash

Santa Monica’s own Bobby Dunnit is a recording artist as well as a audio engineer, and recently graced our inbox with his newest single “Me”. This conceited west coast club influenced beat produced by Bobby himself is the perfect start for the ideal ignant track. Bobby provides a simple, yet catchy chorus and a phenomenal first verse that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Features come from Jeff Dillard and our good friend Jaae Kash as they effortlessly each body a verse. Hit that play button one time, see if your feeling this new voice out of Cali, and if you are show some love on twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

SKYISTHEMINIMUM (Mixtape) – Jaae Kash

May 30, 2014


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Download SKYISTHEMINIMUM (Mixtape) - Jaae Kash

The wait has been long, and the anticipation high but we finally get to present our students with the first complete Jaae Kash project to grace our library. Jaae considers this tape as an up close glance into his life, and encourages everybody to take this journey with him as he finds God, music, and ultimately a higher calling. With his ability to produce beats to fit a certain message combined with his heaven sent presence in the booth, it is clear that SKYISTHEMINIMUM is a one of a kind project. This is Jaae Kash like you’ve never heard him. The whole mixtape is seven tracks but each one has something different to offer than the next, and this is without a doubt a tape that can be enjoyed front to back. Hit that play button one time, see if your feeling these new cuts from Jaae Kash, and if seven tracks just isn’t enough Jaae for you make sure to cop the deluxe version of the project here.

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I Don’t Know About You – Tyler Keys & Jaae Kash

April 18, 2014


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Download I Don't Know About You - Tyler Keys & Jaae Kash

Last we heard from Tyler Keys was his Jaae Kash produced track “Was It Worth It?”, now he’s back with a brand new cut featuring our good friend Jaae Kash but with JakeGoesDigital on the beat. When the instrumental drops the rapid tempo fills your ears but the haunting sample behind the beat reminds me of the music played on the home screen of the Halo games, let’s call it divine. Both of these artists have been on the site before and are gearing up to drop their freshman projects in the coming months, which is probably why Tyler decided to come out with a track about staying in your own lane. Even though their styles are a bit different behind the microphone these two come out of the gate full throttle, and make this interesting beat into another Tyler Keys success. Hit that play button one time and make sure to show Jaae Kash and Tyler Keys some love on twitter and keep posted as 2014 is going to be a monumental year for both of them.

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Told You So – Jaae Kash & Atlee

March 17, 2014


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Download Told You So - Jaae Kash & Atlee

Jaae Kash sent us another dope self-produced track and when this one drops windows everywhere are gonna roll down. This west coast influenced record focuses on the sunny skies and beaches of Cali as well as trying not to lose focus while these young artists pursue their dreams. This track is infectious in that it just spreads good vibes, as well as gets heads moving and people out of their seats. Jaae gets the assist from Atlee, and both just slaughter their respective verses. This is the perfect way to get the good vibes going this Spring so make sure to hit that play button. You don’t wanna miss out on this one.

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What They Gone Say – Jaae Kash & Jedi 3

March 3, 2014


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Download What They Gone Say - Jaae Kash & Jedi 3

This is the kind of song you need to throw a middle finger in the air for. Jaae Kash brings nothing but hot beats and hotter lyricism to the table for this 2nd single off SKYISTHEMINIMUM featuring USMG’s Jedi 3. They both have their own way of destroying the beat and boasting about the future, but the way Jaae delivers his verse about the come up to multi-million dollar houses you’ll have a hard time believing he hasn’t already made it. His delivery is concise and production work is beyond professional. Haters can talk shit all they want, but when this dual-threat MC & producer is posted in his Ferrari a year from now they’ll all be speechless. Cop the new new and give Jaae a follow on twitter.


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CHINESE – Jaae Kash

February 20, 2014


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Download CHINESE - Jaae Kash

Hopefully everybody is familiar with producer and artist Jaae Kash by now, and if not then you’re about to be acquainted. Jaae says this self-produced release has nothing to do with his upcoming project SKYISTHEMINIMUM but more or less blowing off steam on the microphone. We’ve all probably dealt with fake ass people claiming they’re down for you and disappearing when you need them most, and that’s frustrating. We all have our own way of coping and Jaae’s happened to be leaving it all in the booth. Download this little teaser and make sure to watch out for the second single off the album dropping March 1st.

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No Problems – Jaae Kash

January 30, 2014


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No Problems - Jaae Kash

Finally found this track that Jaae Kash released a couple weeks ago, and of course it’s a banger. No Problems is the first single off ‘SKYISTHEMINIMUM’, and Jaae set the bar high for the rest of the tape. He’s been a double threat in the game for awhile, producing and rapping on a level superior to most of the unsigned artists out there, but finally he’s releasing a full length project that’ll hopefully get him the attention he deserves. Still no official release date, just a promise that we’ll be copping it sometime in 2014. Keep the hype going and download this hot new single, at the rate Jaae makes beats I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him in no time.