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Out of Luck – Jamal Cristopher

January 8, 2016

Out of Luck - Jamal Cristopher
Free Download | Out of Luck - Jamal Cristopher

Jamal Cristopher isn’t stumbling into 2016, he’s sprinting. ‘Out of Luck’ is a fitting title for this release; his first track we posted was a plea to Karma, and this is his way of renouncing his belief in fate. The song starts with an ominous choir sample and a tightly wound drum arrangement, but quickly progresses into a formidable rap anthem.

As Jamal shrugs off the haters and nonbelievers, he uses this song to fire shots and reminisce on the progress he’s made over the last 2 years that he has been releasing music. Although the song doesn’t feature a catchy hook like Jamal’s material has in the past, it’s impossible to say that this song isn’t enticing; every verse he drops is packed with clever bars, witty disses, and precise delivery. The Los Angeles based rapper has a lot of competition in his city, and as I always say, finding a distinctive sound is the most strenuous and difficult part of launching an artist’s career.

Thankfully, it sounds like Jamal is starting to hone in on his very own flavor of music. Although the production isn’t anything too special, the dark simplicity of it is fitting. Check it out, if you like what you hear be sure to follow Jamal on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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First Time In A Jeep – Jamal Cristopher

November 8, 2015

First Time In A Jeep - Jamal Cristopher
Free Download | First Time In A Jeep - Jamal Cristopher

We’ve been putting on our boy Jamal Cristopher since early 2014, and this year he promised us two full length projects. The first tape we heard from him this year was Take Me To Maryland, and it was definitely sub-par in comparison to Jamal’s usual quality of material. The recent college grad is still working to refine his sound, and my expectations weren’t very high after seeing the track was produced by the notorious YouTube beat-provider Pdub, but surprisingly the instrumental falls in line with the sound Jamal has been aiming for. His strained vocals and girl-centered lyricism compliment the string and sample heavy production, which makes the overall vibe of the song coherent despite the lack originality beat-wise. It’s clear Jamal is planning something for the rest of 2015, but as the year is grinding to a halt I’m starting to wonder whether or not he’s really going to meet his two-project promise. Regardless, if you like what you hear you should check out some of Jamal Cristopher’s older material on our site, and throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud so you don’t miss his next project.


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Juice – Jamal Christopher

September 11, 2015

juice jamal christopher
Free Download | Juice - Jamal Christopher

Ayyyy, this is what I’m talking about. Jamal promised us two full-length projects this year, and the first didn’t live up to my expectations at all. Thankfully, it seems like he’s taking this next project more seriously, and this League Of Starz produced instrumental is a great start. Hypey trumpets, complex percussion, and hard-hitting samples are the perfect backdrop for Jamal to go in on — and although he isn’t the hottest name in the game right now, it’s clear that he’s charged up and ready to get his name out there. Check it out, if you like what you hear be sure to throw Jamal a follow on soundcloud and twitter.

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TwentyOne – Jamal Cristopher

July 10, 2015

take me to maryland jamal cristopher art

Free Download | TwentyOne - Jamal Cristopher

It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard new music from Jamal Cristopher, but he’s back in the industry with a new project titled Take Me To Maryland. After our post-graduation interview with Jamal, he told us about his struggle and promised two full-length releases from him this year. Although the mixtape wasn’t entirely what I was hoping for after a year long hiatus, a few tracks stood out to me. TwentyOne was by far my favorite, and it definitely shows not only growth, but an entirely different side of who this young artist is. The Houston centered hook, slow and bass heavy beat, and aggressive yet intelligent lyricism makes the single something you can ride to, grind to, smoke to, or do just about anything to. This song shows the versatility and potential of Jamal Cristopher, and if you don’t cop this free download you’re running the risk of sleeping on some serious talent. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter to show support.

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Jamal Cristopher Interview

June 1, 2015

jamal cristopher interview

Your third project, “Like We Used To” was a window into your life. You opened up a lot on that project, and I feel like you got some serious stuff off your chest. Walk us through the development of that project.

Pretty much I just make Life music you know. I try and document what’’s going on in my life at the time to the best of my ability and from that hopefully the people can relate. From both of my grandmothers passing at once, to college issues just was dealing with a ton and that’s how it came out.

You only had one feature on the project, but the majority of the tape was entirely you. Was that a conscious decision, or did it just work out that way?

Yeah it just worked out that way. If I can knock out the verse or the hook myself why not? I just feel like it’s better to build your brand this way that way you know that when people attach themselves to what you have going on they’re doing it for you and they genuinely enjoy the music.

Although every track features a different producer, the tape somehow had an extremely coherent sound. Did you know the producers personally?

I talked with one guy, False Ego he did SYLR but other than that no I didn’t know em. But they’re all awesome. To me like I said I make life music and to me life can be very inconsistent. Some days you’re happy, some days you aren’t, so I try to get my projects to reflect that which is why I won’t ever have the most consistent project but the music will always be there.

The first single you released from the project was Dear Karma. Are you a strong believer in Karma? How long had you been holding on to that track before you decided to release it?

Yeah I had that record for a minute. I’m a believer in Karma but not the biggest believer. I do feel though that, you can’t do a ton of wrong things and expect good things to come to you it just doesn’t feel right. And for the record, like I said with Like We Used To I made it during a time where I was going through a lot man and I really began to wonder why is all this happening you know? Is it something I did that I’m paying for? So that lead to the record being made.

Your unique sound and delivery are one of the many reasons you stand out to us; how long have you been rapping for? How has your style developed since you started your rap career?

Man I appreciate that the most, because when I started in 2010 that was my biggest hurdle that I’m still working on. I never really had an issue with content, bars, or concepts. It was always rapping those bars and sounding good sounding natural behind the mic and having a pleasing voice, and learning how to play with my rapping voice so I’m still getting better at that. I’m just a whole lot more confident than when I first started and a lot more melody is in my music.

Do you have any notable influences?

Too many influences I’m influenced just by life in general. In terms of music I’m probably influenced by Big Sean the most. I just feel like he makes a great brand of content driven, melodic music and that’s what I try and do. Music that gives you something, talks about something, that you can relate to, almost backpacker’ish, but at the same time it’s still an easy enjoyable listen. Like you can still play it on the radio and I think that’s awesome. I’ve studied him for a long time man.

You took a pretty long hiatus after your project dropped; it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard new material from you. Was it just hard balancing college courses and your music?

It got a little tough financially but I just made a conscious decision to finish school first before I started releasing new music. But it’s definitely a tough thing to balance more than anything financially though. Like when I put out a project I really try and put everything into it from the music, to money behind it everything and I just couldn’t afford to do both with tuition, books, rent, all that.

How have you kept the momentum going and kept your fans entertained in the meantime?

Man I don’t know, but I sure do get new fans by the day almost, and it’s pretty cool because I don’t put out new music or any videos but I just promote. I honestly feel like I wanna learn the business more, network, before I put out new music. Like, I always wanna move a step forward every time I put out music. I feel like we make great music and it’s too good to just come out and not make a dent you know? so once I figure it out on that side the music is coming. But Like We Used To is a great representation of what we do and I’m happy that we have that out while we work on the next step.

Having just finished college, I’m sure your mind is all over the place on what the next step is. What’s your plan for 2015? What were you studying in college?

Sort of, I graduated on May 17th, but man I’m still figuring the plan out, but it’s all music from here on out really. 2015 is all music I wanna come with 2 projects by the end of the year at least that’s what I’m shooting for. I was a sociology major in college but I didn’t “study” it feel me? Like since freshman year I knew there was nothing in college that I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to get a degree but it was gonna be music with me. Whatever I achieve or don’t achieve in life it was all gonna be music.

So can we expect to hear some new material from you this summer?

Absolutely. Like I said I graduate May 17th, then I go home we made a studio at my crib and so I have access to record whenever now. I actually have a project ready to go I’m hoping to put it out next month. Just gotta meet with my team, sure up a few things and go from there.

Following up a project as introspective as your last is going to be hard, do you have a plan for your next project? How does your sound grow from here?

Yeah it’s called ‘Take Me To Maryland’, and it isn’t gonna sound like Like We Used To. I’m in a different place. It’s gonna have a more complete sound, I felt Like We Used To was too dark like out of the 10 songs not many of them made you feel good and that’s a product of not being as good as I am now with the music but just where I was in life at that point so just from here I just try and grow and get better and better.

Are you hoping to work with a dedicated production team this time around? Maybe do some producing yourself?

Oh no I’m not a producer in any regard, I wish I was though. But I don’t know man, I don’t go into it saying “Oh I wanna work with this producer” or whatever. I just let things build organically. If that how it ends up coming out that’s how it ends up coming out. At the end of the day the goal is to make the best project possible and that’s what we work towards.

Lastly, what’s the best place to find new free music every single day?

University Hype of course! I feel like that’s a huge thing going on where there aren’t too many people given guys like myself a listen because they aren’t as big. I feel like if you’re in the business of pushing music to the culture you have a voice. Use that to push great music regardless of who it’s coming from.


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Like We Used To – Jamal Cristopher (Mixtape)

June 20, 2014


[soundcloud id=’38933931′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

Download Like We Used To - Jamal Cristopher

Y’all remember that SYLR track that Jamal dropped back in May right? Well here’s that full length project we’ve been mentioning for so long but somehow overlooked last week (my bad). Let me start by saying this project is everything I was hoping it would be; honest lyrics, unique production, and precise delivery. It’s his third project and by far his best work yet, he literally has a different producer for every track and somehow manages to pull it all together into a coherent project. The only feature on the entire tape is Jet 2, who also mixed/mastered the project. He tried to keep it as original as possible, most of the tracks are about past relationships, but he throws in some tracks about the-come-up and the future. It’s authentic, which is respectable at the least. Even if not every track on the tape is necessarily something you’d bump everyday, you can’t deny that it’s expressive from start to finish. Give it a listen, my favorites were Boomerang, Dear Karma, and Shooter feat. Jet 2. Follow him on twitter if you like what you hear.

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SYLR – Jamal Cristopher

May 1, 2014


[soundcloud id=’147339450′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download SYLR - Jamal Christopher

Jamal Cristopher has been leaking tracks from his project Like We Used To for a couple months now, and as Summer approaches Jamal’s fans’ patience is wearing thin. Although we still don’t have an official release date yet, Jamal hooked us up with a laid back third installment from his much anticipated project. He voices some personal experiences while a chrous of different toned ooooh’s and aaaaah’s keeps things swaying from side to side. Between the church-style claps and the salt-shaker sounding high-hat, Jamal really just had all the ingredients to produce a super chill track. Check out all his other work on the site if you haven’t already, and of course a follow on twitter never hurt anyone.


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Stay Home With Me – Jamal Cristopher

March 22, 2014


[soundcloud id=’140470166′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Stay Home With Me - Jamal Cristopher

Following his single Dear Karma comes Jamal’s 2nd installment off his forthcoming tape Like We Used To. He takes things in a different direction this time; abandoning the deep lyricism and keeps things shallow. Even the beat is on a different playing field, sounding much more simple and amateur than the original creative sampling we heard in the last post I did on him. All in all though, he worked with what he had and still managed to have me bopping me head by the end of the track. Every now and then you need a new anthem to drink mindlessly too – so check this one out, if you like what you hear give Jamal some love on twitter.

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Dear Karma – Jamal Cristopher

February 3, 2014


Download Dear Karma - Jamal Cristopher

Dope submission from Los Angeles native Jamal Cristopher. Although the beat is chill, the lyrics reveal a losing struggle and a plead for karma to forgive Jamal’s fuck ups and bless him with some good luck. It’s a good message, and playing it back makes you think about regrets you have and mistakes you can’t fix. I don’t know if karma’s real or not, but I know good music when I hear it. ‘Like We Used To’ is dropping soon, and no matter how bad his luck is we’ll still be sharing his tape with our great fans, and bad karma can’t stop that.