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Lost Kings – Jarren Benton & Micah Freeman

October 24, 2014


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A new cut from Jarren Benton’s #BlackOctober series, and leave it to a Funk Volume artist to leave your jaw on the floor. Jarren spits some real shit over a creeping, soul inspired 8Track instrumental that’ll send a chill down your spine. Jarren then recruits singer Micah Freeman to tackle the hook and his haunting voice perfectly blends with the vibe 8Track was striving to create. While Benton is known to get a little colorful with his rhymes he keeps his focus here. Reminding everyone of every creed, color, and culture to be mindful of the many tragic social issues that plague our society. Hit that play button and follow Benton on Funk Volume’s soundcloud to catch another free release or two before the month is over.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Alladat – Jarren Benton

October 17, 2014


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Decatur’s menace on the mic Jarren Benton is back with a free cut as a part of his #BlackOctober series which will more than likely be the gift that keeps on giving (till the end of October anyway ). With his go to producer and close friend Kato engineering the beat Jarren get the perfect ally-oop to flex his lyrical muscles. With a prison siren going off in the background, a creepy key riff, and thunderous bass this track has “Jarren” written all over it. For two verses Jarren spits some of his hardest, most shocking bars of the year and if you don’t mind you’re rappers a little off their rocker this is definitely going to be a treat. Hit that play button and make sure to keep up with Jarren and his Funk Volume affiliates on the labels soundcloud.