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Far Alone – G-Eazy & Jay Ant (Phlex Remix)

September 21, 2015

far alone
Free Download | Far Alone - G-Eazy & Jay Ant (Phlex Remix)

It’s weird that ‘Far Alone’ is already considered a throwback, but you can already hear the difference between G’s flow on this track and on his newer material. That being said, Phlex completely revamps this song, and I love what he did with it. A melodic saxophone loop is backed by upbeat piano chords and crisp drum arrangements, creating a really relaxing feel-good atmosphere around the originally ominous verses. It’s a perfect blend of tropical electronic production and new age Bay Area hip-hop, and not many producers can pull this off so smoothly. Needless to say, you should cop the free download and follow Phlex on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up with his future releases.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Far Alone (feat. E-40 & Jay Ant) – G-Eazy (Zero Calories Remix)

April 22, 2014


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Download Far Alone (feat. E-40 & Jay Ant) - G-Eazy (Zero Calories Remix)

I hadn’t heard much buzz on Zero Calories, production-duo out of Minneapolis, until I caught this remix of G-Eazy’s Far Alone. Backed by support from G himself via Twitter, these dudes are sure to blow up fast now. This remix works so well because Zero Calories takes that Christoph Andersson ethereal sounding production and ramps it up to another level. The kicks, bass, snaps, and vocal edits all layer on top of another harmoniously to create a remix that fits with the futuristic hip-hop vibe that G-Eazy has been going for. Get the latest from Zero Calories by following them on Soundcloud¬†and Twitter.