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Bong Rips – Jay Wirth

January 13, 2014


Bong Rips

Pennsylvania’s Jay Wirth dropped this off over the weekend and I figured Monday night would be a good night to give ya’ll something new to listen to while you chief. Jay hits a really chill old school instrumental and just rips it apart like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, if your reading this while you listen just stop because you’ve already missed way to much. This is more then just something to spark up to, this 17 year old emcee has some real shit he’s got to get off his chest. Not only will the messages impress you, but just the way he plays with words will leave you speechless. This track will live on Jay Wirth’s newest project “Bueller” which drops on the 21st of January so make sure to check back for more updates on this young upcoming artist.