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Somewhere In Texas – Da Deputy

October 30, 2013


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Download Somewhere In Texas - Da Deputy

Da Deputy shot us his new ‘Checkmate’ EP this morning, and although I wasn’t feeling every track on the tape I could tell this artist was talented. His delivery is on point, which you’ll be able to hear in this freestyle he recorded over Jay-Z’s “Somewhereinamerica”. The Fort Worth native has no problem killing bar after bar on this beat, which is why it stood out to me most above the others. Without a doubt, you should still peep his new project via soundcloud and if you’re feelin it download the whole tape here. Stay tuned for his official project IDT3.

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Holy Grail – Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake (Wick-It Remix)

August 30, 2013


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Download Holy Grail (Wick-It Remix)

Most of you have heard Jay-Z’s new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’, and if not than you’ve at least heard this track he did with JT, but you haven’t heard it like this. Wick-It doused this track in heavy bass, cliff-high drops, and spot-on samples. For such a dubstep laden track, Wick manages to make this remix smooth from start to finish. Check it out, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. If you feel like sifting through his other mixes you should peep his soundcloud.