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Brighter – The Two Friends, Jeff Sontag, & I Am Lightyear

January 27, 2014


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Download Brighter – The Two Friends, Jeff Sontag, & I Am Lightyear

It’d been awhile since I posted a mix from The Two Friends, but as soon as they hit my e-mail with this original compilation featuring Jeff Sontag and I Am Lightyear I knew they were back in their zone.  6 months ago I was posting one of their first original mixes, Sedated featuring Jeff, which had under 1,000 plays at the time. Now that same track is 80,000 clicks deep, and their facebook has accumulated nearly 40,000 likes.  Watching artists grow is one of the many perks to running a music blog, and in the last 6 months Matt & Eli have blown up. Not only has their following grown, but their unrelenting creativity is at an all time high too. They do a great job of mixing real instruments with electronic ones, and the end result is a completely original “love song” that even your punk/pop friends will like. Download the track for free in exchange for a like on facebook, and don’t forget to show them some love on twitter too.

Daily Hype Electronic Indie

Sedated – The Two Friends & Jeff Sontag

July 18, 2013


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Download Sedated - The Two Friends & Jeff Sontag

I’m slowly deciding to put more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) on the site, but this is probably the first “underground” EDM group I’ve put on UniversityHype. The Two Friends made this original mix with an acoustic/punk singer Jeff Sontag, who’s punk-pop vocals somehow flow perfectly over their progressive house production. The duo constructed a great track, with multiple drops and heavy synth inbetween verses. Check it out and grab it if you’re feeling the good vibes. I threw in one of their older tracks with I Am Lightyear too, so you can get a better feel for what to expect from them in the future.