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Somewhere In Paradise – Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, & R. Kelly

December 13, 2015

Somewhere In Paradise - Chance The Rapper
Free Download | Somewhere In Paradise - Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, & R. Kelly

This is it, the last week of Fall semester, and what better way to kick off winter break than a free release from Chance The Rapper featuring two of the worlds greatest male R&B singers? Last month we were relieved to hear a refined hip-hop release from Chance, and once again it sounds like he’s perfected the balance between Social Experiment’s organic production style and positive messages with his distinct rap delivery and lyricism. It’s no secret that Chancellor Bennett is the hottest thing coming out of Chicago right now, and despite — or perhaps because of — turning down countless record label deals and maintaining his independence, Chance has one of the strongest fan bases in the world. This song initially debuted on Saturday Night Live last weekend, which was one of Chance’s first internationally televised performances, and the sense of excitement absolutely radiates from his verses. The production starts off simple; panning synths and crisp hip-hop percussion back Chance & Jeremih’s vocals until R. Kelly comes in over the SOX symphony. The song is finished like a grand finale; a chorus of brass instruments build up over layers of harmonies, a full jazz drum kit, and a grand piano. This song is a piece of art, so don’t miss your chance to cop it for free and throw Chance The Rapper a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.


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Planes – Jeremih, Lido, & The Social Experiment

April 29, 2015


Download Planes - Jeremih, Lido, & The Social Experiment

Jeremih has gotten a l0t of love for his single Planes feat. J. Cole, and although it’s a few months old, an unexpected collab between Lido & Chance The Rapper gives this song new life. Although Jeremih’s reverberating vocals are still the focal point of the track, Lido’s production is as impregnable as ever; perfectly placed percussion, explosions of synth and horns, emotive drops and build ups, and of course a bouncy fluid bass-line. Chance The Rapper has been experimenting with his Social Experiment group a lot lately¬† — particularly because of his lyricism on songs like this — the only word I can think of to describe it is corny. Despite Chance’s odd flows, he still comes off as a worthy feature for this remix, and hopefully you enjoy the track as much as I did.

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Planes – Jeremih (Andrew Luce Edit)

February 10, 2015


Download Planes - Jeremih (Andrew Luce Edit)

Andrew has been one of our site’s favorite producers for quite some time now, and although we hadn’t heard from him since early winter, this morning he released a quick little edit to a Jeremih track in recognition of his 3 million accumulated plays. If you’ve heard Jeremih’s newest single feat. J. Cole that dropped a couple weeks ago, you understand where I’m coming from when I say that this track will drop panties. Andrew takes the simple instrumental to an intricately layered atmosphere where he skillfully samples Jeremih’s provocative verses, creating a coherent eidt with all the qualities we’ve grown accustomed to hearing in his remixes. Did I mention he did all of this in the duration of his flight back to San Francisco? Don’t sleep, catch up on all of Andrew’s older material and keep up to date via twitter.

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Twerk It (Remix) – Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel, Ne-Yo, T.I., Jeremih & French Montana

August 8, 2013


[soundcloud id=’104485079′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Twerk It (Remix) - Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel, Neo-Yo, T.I., Jeremih & French Montana

I realize this probably won’t be anybody’s favorite song of the year, or remix for that matter, but I just felt like the ladies could move it to this song all night. The beat slows down, speeds up, drops off, stops, etc. It’s all over the place, just like these girl’s asses when they start twerking. Coincidence? I think not. The features on this track are fairly familiar names and everyone literally does their own thing. Ne-Yo and Jeremih are bound to drop panties with their incredible vocals coming in after some dope verses from Busta Rhymes, T.I., and French Montana. Busta recruits Jamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel to give the track that Rastafarian feel and even uses a Jamaican accent on his verse which I actually really enjoyed. Anyway, check it out.