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Demo Grafix – Jetpack Jones

July 28, 2014


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Download Demo Grafix - Jetpack Jones

Brock Berrigan and Jetpack Jones team up again to create another masterpiece that really speaks to not only fans of the two but those who have chosen not to recognize the undeniable skill these two artists have. Jetpack actually laid everything on the table via twitter the other day, hoping to inspire people to really pay attention to the meaning behind the words. He writes “”I very rarely express emotion anymore outside of music, and sometimes it takes a toll. When I feel some type of way I just record it and hope someone relates. That’s my way of letting you in. So I need you to listen.” Berrigan provides the usual brass and piano influences to provide that funky vibe the Jetpack Movement has become known for, and with the smooth vocals Jones’ throws on top really bring the whole thing together. The beginning sample is taken from the infamous Gil Scott-Heron, a soul and jazz poet/musician mostly known for his work in the 70s and 80s. Overall this is just an incredibly classy track, intended to be played at the edge of the water hanging out with your friends or in your room in complete silence. When you feel like an artist is talking to you personally through a song, that’s a true sign of greatness: and Jetpack Jones has that in spades.

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Jacqueline Broyer – Jetpack Jones

June 9, 2014


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Jetpack connects with producer Handbook for another smooth, drug induced track to vibe out to with the homies or your chick. While this track doesn’t have an actual chorus, this 1:48 second track is pretty much all bars from Jetpack which is more than enough to make this worth a listen. The instrumental on this is a wavy mixture of high hats and electric piano to give the vibe that the Jetpack Movement is known for. The lyrics talk about promiscuous adventures on a sunny afternoon with a successful woman, and tell of the thoughts and feelings experienced in that moment. All in all just another great free cut from Jetpack Jones so hit that play button one time, and make sure you add this to your collection.

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Secret Stuff – Jetpack Jones

May 26, 2014


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Download Secret Stuff - Jetpack Jones

Jetpack Jones and producer Don Diestro are getting ready to drop their collaborative tape 380 SL later this year, but in the meantime decide to let go of this Space Jam inspired track to give fans a taste of what’s to come. Diestro supplies some smooth jazzy sounds with the uplifting piano and electric guitar riffs. While Jetpack speaks on the struggle and finding a way to create light in even the darkest of situations. The Jetpack Movement has become known for a steady stream of free fresh sounds for it’s fans and now an uplifting track to listen to if you’ve got the Monday blues. Hit that play button one time, and make sure to keep your eyes out for the release date of 380 SL.

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Oh, Woah – Jetpack Jones & Tone Oliver

May 16, 2014


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Download Oh, Woah - Jetpack Jones & Tone Oliver

The chillest rapper in the game is back again with a new track “Oh, Woah”, grabbing a feature from PeaceLife representer Tone Oliver. Jetpack Jones slows this one down and reflects on past scandalous, sexual experiences with Tone over this euphoric instrumental from Apocalyps and it really can’t get an chiller than this. Spinning off the recent release of Shades Of Mary it came as a surprise to see another free track come from him so soon, but he’s ┬ájust got a lot of ┬álove for the music and his fans. So as usual expect to see more from him in the near future because he’s out here workin. Hit play, kick your feet up, and vibe out to the latest Jetpack masterpiece.

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Shades Of Mary (Mixtape) – Jetpack Jones & Brock Berrigan

April 22, 2014


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Download Shades Of Mary - Jetpack Jones & Brock Berrigan

On Sunday, like promised, Jetpack Jones with help from his east coast producer Brock Berrigan released his highly anticipated sophomore project Shades Of Mary and it is everything you could want from a 4/20 release. Some of our fans are probably a little more familiar with this duo then others, but what’s important to grasp is that these two feed off each other and it really is some next level shit. With songs ranging from straight up smoking tracks, to sounds that really let you into the mind of hip-hop’s “chillest” rapper this tape progresses so fluidly that you could listen from front to back and not realize you had heard all 17 tracks. Of course all production work is handled by Berrigan but we do get a few features from names like Rich Flow, Mack Chamberlain, James Joseph, Cliff Savage, and Tone Oliver. Even though the ultimate hippy holiday has come and gone hit that play button one time, spark a doobie, and bathe in the tranquil sounds of the Jetpack movement. There’s no time like the present after all.

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Stoner Hill – Jetpack Jones

March 31, 2014


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Download Stoner Hill - Jetpack Jones

Jetpack Jones tries his luck with a reggae sound on his newest cut off his upcoming tape Shades of Mary, which actually works quite nicely with this herb influenced track. The Rastafarian based instrumental is courtesy of Brock Berrigan who will actually be executive producer on the upcoming project, and as usual he creates a sound that almost perfectly reflects Jones’ style. The song and it’s lyrics were inspired by Dolores Park in San Francisco, which is one of Jones’ favorite places to twist up. Which is just one of the many topics that will be discussed in the new mixtape set to be released on April 20th, a festive day for all of us I’m sure. Make sure to look out for more from Jetpack in the near future, and if you haven’t already show this man some love on his soundcloud.

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Best Intentions – Jetpack Jones

November 29, 2013


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Jetpack Jones let go of this new joint a few hours ago, and if you’ve liked his some of our past Jetpack posts ya’ll are gonna eat this up. The first thing I really like about this track is the old school sound of the instrumental. I’m diggin what NYC producer Brock Berrigan did with the arrangement of wind, and string instruments as well as the cyber/electronic sample he mixed in. Thanks to Berrigan, Jones receives the perfect beat for him to show case his talents and he does just that. The lyricism is on point, it’s clever, and most importantly it’s fresh. Jones seems like he always has something he needs to say, something relevant to flow about and I’d have to say that’s what we like about him. If your not a fan already you really need to peep this.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Rendezvous In Guadalupe – Jetpack Jones

September 11, 2013


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Download Rendezvous IN Guadalupe - Jetpack Jones

Now I’m gonna slow down the pace for ya’ll a little bit by presenting this sensual first single off Jetpack Jones next and currently untitled project. This track is all about making an escape, quiet time with a partner, and enjoying all things foreign. Mixing the slow rhythm of a piano, the sexy jazz/blues sound from the trumpet in the background, and Jones’ catchy and simple chorus makes me think we have a panty dropper on our hands. This is by no means a banger but it has it’s fair share of kick, and the lyrics are intelligent yet relate-able. Give it a listen and see if this fresh track catches your attention.