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The Shift EP (Mixtape) – Pro Era

June 1, 2014


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Download The Shift EP - Pro Era

Scion AV ends the wait and finally drops the anticipated tape from Pro Era The Shift, which was released for free to the fans as a part of their Scion Presents series. You’ve probably already heard the two amazing leaks off this tape “Hail Razor” and “Extortion” but literally this whole tape goes off. Which is surprising because even though the tape is five tracks Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, CJ Fly, Nyck Caution, A La $ole, Kirk Knight, Dyemond Lewis, Jakk the Rhymer, Dessy Hinds, & Joey Bada$$ (pretty much everybody) kill a beat for just a little underneath eleven minutes to end it all which was titled “Butterflies”. I know most tracks over six minutes are overdone and not bearable, but with Pro Era’s diversity behind the microphone the time just slips away as the crew throws endless bars over a chill ass beat. On this tape you’ll hear some beats from The Era’s very own Kirk Knight, Roka Mouth, Powers Pleasant and Backpack. If you respect real Hip-Hop then this should most definitely be in your music library, just hit that play button and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you really been enjoying the recent noise from Pro Era lately then make sure to show some support and cop Joey Bada$$’ new tape “B4.DA.$$.” this Fall.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

147 – Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, A La $ole, & Joey Bada$$

April 9, 2014


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Download 147 - Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, A La $ole, & Joey Bada$$

Just a few hours ago Dirty Sanchez and a handful of his Pro Era affiliates join forces again to release a very underground 90s influenced banger. The beat is derived from Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover” but with a few tweaks from Statik Selektah this instrumental perfectly showcases the gangs raw Brooklyn talent. With this release Sanchez had this to say:

“Steez and myself have been stopped by undercover cops countless times in the past. Yesterday was 4/7 and I got stopped by undercover cops again it was just so syncro that it stopped me from dropping this track. So this spliff I’m smoking as I type this is for you bredrin! Happy late 4/7.”

Late is better than never, and I think Steez would agree that this little gem was worth the wait. Light one up and enjoy the newest cut from Pro Era.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Mixtapes

The Secc$ Tap.e 2 (Mixtape) – Pro Era

February 17, 2014


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Download The Secc$ Tap.e 2 – Pro Era

The Pro Era collective decided to compile all the tracks from their #ProEraWeek last week and drop this really smooth release appropriate for all the love in the air post V-Day. The tracks on this release include tracks from Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, Dirty Sanchez, A La $ole, Dyemond Lewis, Dessy Hinds, and a couple more members from this rising Brooklyn rap collective. The production on this tape is exquisite, from start to finish every sound is beautifully crafted and this is definitely something the ladies are going to like. Highly recommending that you guys try downloading the whole tape because I have a feeling you’ll be falling in love with Pro Era’s unique, sophisticated sound. Make sure to watch out for more #ProEraWeek exclusives, and take this opportunity to grab this seven track compilation fo free.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Underground Airplay – Joey Bada$$, Big KRIT, & Smoka DZA

February 10, 2013

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Download Underground Airplay - Joey Bada$$, Big KRIT, & Smoke DZA

Here’s the title track off of Ecko’s upcoming tape ‘Underground Airplay’. KRIT goes in, Joey brings the NYC fire that has come to be expected in his music, and DZA didn’t really spit anything special. Check it out, features some big artists, but I”m not sure if this sets a very high standard for the rest of the tape.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

America – Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, & Joey Bada$$

July 4, 2012

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Download America - Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, & Joey Bada$$

Happy fourth everybody, hope everyone’s ready to go hard for the best country in the world tonight. Mac dropped this track with Casey Veggies and Joey Bada$$ today, knowing that there’s going to be some holiday-tokers out there. Be safe tonight, and if you haven’t already, submit any pictures of your friends celebrating to to possibly be featured on the site. Try to keep it pg-13, I’ve seen too many half naked men in the past 5 days, I’M NOT POSTING YOUR TOPLESS MIRROR PICTURES ON THE SITE, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOING HARD. Ladies, well, that’s a different story… Haha, be easy everyone, I’ll catch you on the flip.