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Happy – Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

April 29, 2014


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Download Happy - Pharrell (Chris Rishard & Johnny Good Remix)

If you’re absolutely sick of Pharrell’s radio-famous single Happy, which was released on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack over a year ago, I’m right there with you. Right when I thought I couldn’t stand to hear this song one more time, Chris Rishard hit our inbox with a fresh out the oven remix of the infamous Happy. My skepticism faded as soon as I pressed play. Chris and German DJ Johnny Good (who you’ll probably be hearing a lot more of) turned this track inside out; playing off the funky vibes and eachother’s unique production styles. Normally when Chris sends us a remix we’re expecting intricate, flawless, and slow paced production like Only That Real and Show Me; but when you throw Johnny Good into the mix you have to factor in his fast-paced sample heavy style with equally impressive ingenuity. Give it a listen, enjoy the free download, and follow Chris Rishard and Johnny Good on twitter.