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Justified – Jon Waltz

March 15, 2016

Justified - Jon Waltz
Free Download | Justified - Jon Waltz

It’s been over a year since we’ve had the opportunity to post new material from Jon Waltz, and after listening to this song I understand that his hiatus wasn’t a vacation, but a carefully calculated move to take his music to the next level.

Jon announced that he had an EP in the works a few months ago when he released Anna, the first single off the project, which makes this the second taste of his new and improved sound. Jon’s music has always featured high quality production, quotable lyrics, and mesmerizing melodies, but the difference between 2013 Jon Waltz and 2016 Jon Waltz is definitely noticeable. ‘Justified’ is the culmination of months of hard work, a team of producers including NOVA and Romil, and the best writing/delivery/material that Jon Waltz has put out to date. It’s a song about fighting your inner demons, getting over the things that are out of your control, and vindicating yourself from the past.

It’s enticing, enthralling, and exactly what we should expect from the Memphis, TN based artist. Thankfully it looks like he’s back to dropping free material, so make sure you grab the free download and show Jon some support by giving him a follow on Sound Cloud and Twitter.

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I’m Lonely – Jon Waltz

February 5, 2015


Download I'm Lonely - Jon Waltz

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Jon Waltz, but it appears he’s only gotten better over the last few months. Although his affiliation with Penthouse Music doesn’t seem to be as prominent as it was last year, his sound radiates with a sense of maturity and new found direction. The Zayd produced beat is the perfect down-tempo, eerie, and ambient style for Jon to slow things down over. His steady vocals set the pace, placing his solemn lyricism in the spotlight. Check it out, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s glad to be bumping some new music from Jon Waltz. Throw him a follow on twitter and peep his older material if you’re new.


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Video Girl – Jon Waltz

June 23, 2014


Download Video Girl - Jon Waltz

It’s been a fat minute since I’ve been able to post some new free Jon Waltz, but as he gears up for the release of his first project Alyss he graced us with a new free track. As with most of his material thus far, Jon keeps things dark and ambient; a distant wobbly synth is the background for crisp drums, eerie samples, and twisted lyrics about falling deeper and deeper into a hole of self-destructive behavior. I feel like I’ve sidelined Jon Waltz simply because he hasn’t been releasing free material, but every now and then he shoots me something to remind me how incredibly unique his sound is. He, NOVA, and Zayd all play into each other’s weird somber vibes, which has sort of evolved into an Alice In Wonderland-esque sound, hence the project title Alyss.  Although I can’t say when the project is dropping, or whether or not it’ll be free, I can unquestionably say that the Penthouse Music collective has perfected their strange experimental style. Give it a listen, cop the free download and keep up with Jon via twitter.

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PACE – Skizzy Mars (Mixtape)

March 4, 2014


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Download PACE - Skizzy Mars (Mixtape)

PACE is everything I hoped it would be and more, with 7 new tracks the hour long project reflects Skizzy’s unrivaled chill vibes. but most importantly it shows his growth as an artist since his last project Phases. He’s been consistently releasing great music and developing his extraordinary style from day one, and less than a year later he’s compiled another consummate mixtape. It contains only two features, one from Ms. Jones and the other from Jon Waltz, which I think goes to show his dedication to making sure the tape is 100. Not a lot of artists can work around the retro-electronic production the way he can; the way he delivers his lyrics makes it sound like the beat was crafted around his voice. The production on PACE is done mostly by Michael Keenan, with the exception of VMG’s 6ix on ‘Half Past Three’ and ‘Day Dreamers’. Keenan’s sample based production perfectly complements Skizzy Mars’s style and makes for a truly tenacious project, one that you’ll definitely have to download. Enjoy, and show Skizzy some love on twitter.

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Vampire – Ramsay Almighty (Music Video)

August 14, 2013



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Download Vampire - Ramsay Almighty

Canadian rapper Ramsay Almighty came across my inbox this morning, and after watching his new music video I just had to look into him a bit. He’s linked up with Jon Waltz, one of Penthouse music’s latest additions, and actually did the production on “Rear Window” which I posted above. If you’re not already impressed by this rapper/singer/producer, go check out his soundcloud and get a better feel for him. “Vampire” has some nice visuals with a beautiful model as his lyric’s victim. Enjoy the new music, and watch for his not-yet-titled project releasing on October 3rd.

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Somewhere Else – Jon Waltz

August 8, 2013


Free Download | Somewhere Else - Jon Waltz

Hopefully you’re familiar with Jon Waltz after hearing his track Coming Down featuring Skizzy Mars, but you haven’t heard him like this yet. Jon starts us off with an eerie beat and fast paced introduction to the “good life”, where he then spits a verse about the bad bitches he’s been seducing in his Penthouse lifestyle, right before the beat drops to an A$AP Rocky-esque breakdown.

Right when you think the track is going to end, Jon Waltz showcases his vocals and sings a soft melody over a hypnotizing and ambient beat. He’s a versatile artist, and that’s a major talent to have in the modern Hip-Hop scene. Expect to be hearing a lot more of this guy, and keep your fingers crossed for a mixtape deadline, although he promises it won’t be a 2 year project like Phases was. Enjoy.

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Coming Down – Skizzy Mars & Jon Waltz

July 25, 2013


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Download Coming Down - Skizzy Mars & Jon Waltz

Skizzy’s making moves, this time it’s with Penthouse Music’s newly signed artist Jon Waltz. The slow bass and rhythmic melody will have you vibing to the drug based verses and hypnotizing hook. Hopefully this means more new tracks from Skiz and his crew, but we’ll see where August takes us. For now, enjoy the new track for you to come down to.