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The Grey Area – Jordan Bratton (Mixtape)

December 17, 2013


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Download The Grey Area - Jordan Bratton (Mixtape)

Finally we’re graced with Jordan’s full 14-track (mostly) self-produced project ‘The Grey Area’. If you’ve seen any of our posts following up to this release you understand why I’m such a big fan.  Jordan’s powerful yet versatile vocals and lyrics clash against complex production and result in a truly unique compilation. Although some of the production is a little bit experimental, the entire project reflects nothing but talent, creativity, and the hard work of a new artist. Enjoy.

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I Knew You Were Trouble – Jordan Bratton (Taylor Swift Cover)

November 20, 2013


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Download I Knew You Were Trouble - Jordan Bratton (Taylor Swift Cover)

I have to admit, T-Swift is a guilty pleasure of mine, mostly because she enjoys rap and hip-hop but also because she’s a super hot talented artist. Hopefully Jordan Bratton is on your radar now as well, having been working on his new project ‘Grey Area’ for the past few months, he decided to take a break and release his rendition of the most overplayed song in 2012 ‘Trouble’ by Taylor Swift. Between the piano, violin, and Jordan’s boundless-vocals, this track is sure to make girls swoon on a whole new level. Enjoy.