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Here – Joseph SoMo (Alessia Cara Cover)

August 28, 2015

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Free Download | Here - Joseph SoMo (Alessia Cara Cover)

Alessia Cara BLEW UP on twitter today, and she’s seen an unprecedented amount of success very early on in her career. This single she put out, Here, has accumulated over 4 million plays in just under 3 months. The lyrics are easy to empathize with; I’ve been to plenty of parties where the atmosphere is too shallow for my mindset, it’s like that feeling of being alone in a crowded room. It’s been a long time — like, almost two years — since SoMo has dropped free material for me to share with y’all, but out of nowhere he released this cover of Alessia’s latest hit. We’ve heard him cover Drake, we’ve heard him cover The Weeknd, we’ve heard his original material, but we have yet to hear him cover a female vocalist until today. His masculine twist on this song is refreshing to say the least; piano-centered production, distinct vocals, and riveting melodies keep you nodding along from start to finish. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Joseph SoMo this year, but you can follow him on soundcloud and twitter to make sure you don’t miss his next release.

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The Morning – The Weeknd & Joseph SoMo

March 31, 2012

Free Download | The Morning - The Weeknd & Joseph SoMo

The most famous Weeknd song, covered by one of the most talented singers? Don’t mind if I do. The first track is the Weeknd’s original song ‘The Morning’ off of their album ‘House of Balloons’ that they released last year. The second one, obviously, is Joseph SoMo’s cover, which gives a much softer, piano rendition of the track. Either way, you should be lovin on one of these tracks.