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A Long Story Short (Mixtape) – Khalil

August 29, 2014


Download A Long Story Short - Khalil (Mixtape)

Some of you might be familiar with Justin Bieber’s R&B counterpart Khalil, but this is the first time we’ve put him on the site. After being discovered on YouTube and signing to Def Jam in 2008, the only tape he’s released has been 3 Weeks In Miami; his collaboration tape with Lil Twist which didn’t do too well on the charts. I knew it was only be a matter of time until they let him release a solo project, and A Long Story Short depicts what exactly he’s been doing for the last 6 years; drinking, fucking, smoking, clubbing, popping bands, etc. With features from Birdman, Tory Lanez, Blake Kelly, and “Bizzle” (Justin’s new artist name?), this tape is 100% R&B gold. Although I was hoping for some better rap features, this tape encompasses the pompous lifestyle we’ve grown to envy from rich young artists, and at the very least will have the ladies swooning.