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Turn It Down Animals (Mash Up) – Martin Garrix & Kaskade

October 28, 2013


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Download Turn It Down - Martin Garrix & Kaskade

I thought I was sort of done with mash ups…but then I pressed play on this new release from Kaskade and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Martin Garrix, a Dutch DJ and music producer, dropped Animals at the beginning of the summer and it took the electronic world by storm. It’s a distinctive dance track that has become instantly recognizable. Kaskade mashes up Animals with one of his older tracks Turn It Down, featuring the vocals of Rebecca & Fiona, revitalizing the feel of Garrix’s instant classic. Not anything crazy new here, but the vocals work so well with the electro beat and this mashup makes Animals more appealing to everyone at your party, not just the ravers. Check out the trippy music video too and download the track for free.

Daily Hype Electronic

Last Chance – Kaskade & Project 46 (Elephante Remix)

September 23, 2013


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Download Last Chance - Kaskade & Project 46 (Elephante Remix)

Elephante recently released this ethereal glitch remix of “Last Chance,” a track off of Kaskade’s new album Atmosphere. A 2011 Harvard graduate, Elephante has transformed this song by reworking some of the vocal edits and adding in a new infectious melody that’s pretty damn catchy. He even adds in a slower section with just vocals and piano. Although this is a remix, it has a completely different feel from the original Progressive House track. This is some really impressive production work from a new-comer to the scene, but Elephante’s climbing fast, so make sure to keep tabs on this one.