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Nobody Said It Was Easy – Marty Grimes (Mixtape)

September 7, 2015

nobody said it was easy
Free Download | Nobody Said It Was Easy - Marty Grimes

You’re probably familiar with the colloquial term “Sophomore Slump”, but Marty Grimes’s second project is the antithesis of a let down. We haven’t missed a single release from Marty in the last two years that he’s been putting out music, so it’s safe for me to say that his growth from Through The Smoke is monumental. His story is atypical; working week days at a small-town pizza shop and performing for huge crowds on the weekends. He’s had one foot out the door for awhile now, but I honestly think this project might be what propels him into the lime light. The 16-track album showcases a lot of different styles, but the balance between ignorant turn-up tracks and insightful smoker jams is pe rfect. The production from KDE is on point as usual, the features vary from the notorious G-Eazy to the less well-known Tom Body, and the lyricism spans from girls and drugs to dreams and regrets. Cop the free download, show Marty Grimes some love on Twitter and Soundcloud, and expect to see him in a city near you sometime this Fall.

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Long Way Down – Marty Grimes & Danny Pratt

January 28, 2015


Download Long Way Down - Marty Grimes & Danny Pratt

Lately, Marty has been dropping back to back party anthems, but this time around he and KDE take it down a notch to showcase a side of them we haven’t heard yet. It’s been almost a year since he dropped his premiere project Through The Smoke, but despite a hectic schedule (and several international tours alongside his childhood friend G-Eazy) Marty’s been committed to giving his fans new music and developing his style further and further. He linked with Australia’s Danny Pratt to make the killer hook, but the verses touch on a topic that’s far more personal than anything we’ve heard from him in awhile. Marty reveals that tour life, or simply pursuing his dream for that matter, has taken it’s toll on his deepest relationship. The ambient beat sets an airy ambient scene; an echo-heavy drum kit, down-tempo synth, and guitar chords damp with reverb. If you’ve been in a long distance relationship it shouldn’t be hard to empathize with the somber lyrics, so I hope you enjoy the new single as much as I did. Be sure you throw Marty and KDE a follow on twitter, and stay on the look out for another single and hopefully a set-date for his sophomore project ‘Nobody Said It Was Easy’.

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Never Content – Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

December 14, 2014


Download Never Content - Marty Grimes & Manni Phantom

Through his ever-developing lyricism and delivery, and through his team of talented producers, Marty has been able to create this clandestine and ominous style. Ambient synth pads tend to gravitate towards minor chords as an industrial drum loop fades in, setting a dark and mysterious scene for Marty Grimes to spit his pompous lyrics over. As if piercing through the smoke haze, Manni Phantom’s smooth vocals contrast the production perfectly for him to kill the hook; although Marty’s verses are still the song’s driving force. KDE outdid himself on this release too, with menacing horns sounding off over an already foreboding beat, Kevin creates an epic atmosphere for the artists to augment. Cop the free download, and be sure to keep up with Marty, KDE, and Manni via twitter.

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Shut Up – Marty Grimes

September 8, 2014


Download Shut Up - Marty Grimes

Marty and KDE have experimented with their style a lot lately, from the hazy vibes we heard on Still Floatin to the dark and crisp hip-hop sound they introduced with See Me Now, the only consistency between releases is the superb quality in production, delivery, and lyricism. The eerie “dripping” synth pad takes the lead over a fat bass line, creeping under Marty as he spits about being real; smoking as many blunts and stacking as much paper as he says he does. In one word, Marty’s versatile. Noone knows for sure “who’s next” in the rap game, but it’s safe to say Marty is continuously setting the bar higher for his contenders; dropping back to back fire for fans to download for free. Whether it’s seizing opportunities, making connections, or just taking time to burn one while evaluating their next move, every step from Marty & KDE has been in the right direction so far. Don’t sleep, keep up with Marty and Kevin on twitter, and buy the single for $0.99 if you want to show some support.