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Woah – Keeqs & G-Knock

April 3, 2014


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Download Woah - Keeqs & G-Knock

A lot of the beats Keeqs chooses are weird, but every now and then he gets in his zone and murders a fat ass beat; this is definitely one of those times. The ominous piano sets an eery pace for the track, and as soon as you hear Keeq’s raspy voice come in singing “Woah” you know he’s about to go in. Although the beat doesn’t hit as hard as his track Don’t Trip, the get-the-fuck-up-out-my-way vibe still rings clear, and this’ll still knock your speakers around. Enjoy the free download and be sure to show Keeqs some love on twitter.


Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Winter Wives – Keeqs

January 5, 2014


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Download Winter Wives - Keeqs

Wasn’t sure about this one at first, the beat definitely isn’t as fat as the last single we heard from Keeqs Don’t Trip, but the great lyricism and delivery saved this track and kept the hype for his project ‘The New Old School’ going. The randomly placed strings for the chorus are weird, but the hook will have you chanting along in just one listen. I know it’s early in Keeqs career to be making assumptions, but his raw talent is exploited even further as he somehow makes a boring beat into a trap-banger. Don’t sleep on him, cop his free ish and stay hyped for his new tape which still doesn’t have an official release date.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Don’t Trip – Keeqs & Rude Boy Pook

November 18, 2013


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Download Don't Trip - Keeqs & Rude Boy Pook

Ominous strings, hard hitting bass, and a catchy chorus. What gets you in your zone more than tracks like this? Keeqs shot me his newest creation featuring Rude Boy Pook, and the two rappers absolutely light this beat up. If this is what we can expect to hear off Keeqs upcoming project The New Old School you can also expect to download it off our site as soon as it drops. Give him a listen, bump this as hard as possible, and see if anyone even thinks about fucking with you while this is playing.