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Came Up (prod. by Falside) – Khary Durgans

May 14, 2015


Download Came Up (prod. by Falside) - Khary Durgans

Brooklyn-based rapper Khary Durgans is back with a follow-up to his tracks Self Centered/Twenty-3, which he dropped in February. While you may be used to hearing more serious, introspective material from Khary, “Came Up” shows that he’s still got a playful side. The track is filled with clever lines like “Fuck her while my music’s in her ear, double penetration” along with coming to terms with the fact that yes, he may in fact bear a slight resemblance to Jaden Smith. Falside steps in with some catchy production, incorporating some old-school sounding synths and bells to carry the beat beneath Khary’s verses. Khary will be making a stop on his mini-tour in Boston next week for Latrell James’s album release party, and we’ll be sure to give you a video re-cap of the event. Like Khary’s page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter so you can be the first to hear his latest tracks.

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Khary Durgans (Interview)

February 11, 2015

I headed over to Brooklyn, NY to catch up with Khary Durgans and get the scoop from the man behind the music. Hear more about the inspiration behind Love + Anchors, how he plans on switching up his style with new music, his thoughts on the Iggy Azalea grammy nomination, and a crazy experience from the SXSW music festival. Follow him on Soundcloud if you want your feed filled with introspective hip-hop and damn good beats.

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Self Centered/Twenty-3 – Khary Durgans

February 11, 2015

self centered: twenty - 3

Download Self Centered/Twenty-3 - Khary Durgans

The latest release from rapper Khary Durgans is one that will hit home for a lot of you 20-somethings. Whether you’re in college, recently graduated, or moving to a new city, you can relate to the struggles of evolving relationships, finding your place, and finding yourself. The inspiration behind Self Centered stemmed from a recent interaction Khary had with an old friend; he viewed Khary’s focus on his craft and on himself as selfish and self-centered. Rather than sulking and taking his words to heart, Khary used that criticism to fuel his next two songs. Khary’s intellectual verses flow effortlessly over Jeauxsmeaux’s ambient production. He might not have all the answers, but with clever lines like, “Friends say I changed. I just couldn’t grow with them,” you know he’s on the path to finding his own truth.

Twenty-3 is the second part of this release, produced by James Rogers. The complementary track questions why focusing on yourself is such a bad thing, ambivalent feelings about hometown and a new town, and self discovery. The beat is mellow but Khary spits hard with emotion.

Follow Khary on Twitter for his latest. Bump the free DL. Hopefully his art makes you question and find your own truth.

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Swim Team EP (Mixtape) – Khary Durgans

November 28, 2014


[soundcloud id=’58883276′ color=’#00F0FF’ format=’set’]

Young rapper reppin Providence and Brooklyn, Khary Durgans, has hit us with a 6-track EP titled Swim Team. This bite sized sample of Khary’s work is very telling of his progression and growth. For those who were fans of his big release in February Love and Anchors, you’ll find that previous project was a bit more introspective and poetic. Khary spits a little harder on the Swim Team EP, boasting a bit more confidence and asserting himself as a rapper who can balance emotional expression and creating music with production and bars you can jam to. The opening track Swim Team feat. Rome Fortune, is my personal favorite. When you bump this track, bass-heavy production paired with the “Bitch, I’m the captain of the swim team” refrain will have you feelin cocky as hell. The second track, Atmosphere, reminds me of Sting’s Desert Rose, with futuristic space-age vibes. Calypso really got me hooked with the line “How do you love someone who loves something more than you?” It’s a question I think a lot of artists may ask their lovers. How do you balance perfecting your craft and spending time with your significant other? Can they be one and the same? Khary asks a lot of question and shows some vulnerability in these verses. All around, Swim Team is a solid release from Khary, and it’s only got me more eager to hear what else he’ll be releasing in the future. Check out Khary on Soundcloud for more of that intellectual hip-hop and click here to download the entire Swim Team EP for free.

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The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 5 (prod. by Proflogik) – Khary Durgans

June 16, 2014

yellowraincoat[soundcloud id=’153800471′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 5 - Khary Durgans

I discovered Khary Durgans, rapper out of Rhode Island, a little while back when I noticed that Big Wild was producing some of his tracks. Kept my eyes out for the latest release to share with y’all on the Hype and here it is, The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 5. Khary’s poetic verses outline the real life struggles of growing up poor and coming up in the rap game. In today’s world where internet rappers are a dime a dozen, Khary stands out with his lyrical sophistication and an iconic voice that’s truly his own. Proflogik’s production style evokes a blend of old and new school hip-hop with some vibed out electronic synths that complement Khary’s flow. Khary’s gonna be releasing some other tracks as part of The Yellow Raincoat project, so follow him on Soundcloud, so you can be the first to hear his latest. I also highly recommend checking out his debut project Love and Anchors, released back in February on the Cosmonostro label.