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Forbes – Kid Ink, Bricc Baby, Vee Tha Rula, & Shy Glizzy

August 16, 2015

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Free Download | Forbes - Kid Ink, Bricc Baby, Vee Tha Rula, & Shy Glizzy

The hip-hop industry has developed a strange appreciation for Forbes business magazine over the last few years, but I don’t think anyone’s released a track dedicated entirely to the white-collar journalism company until today. The song originated from DJ Ill Will, who brought in the distinct voice of Kid Ink and a team of other ‘Alumni’ affiliated rappers for this paper-stacking backtrack. The blaring synth, intricate percussion, and shallow lyricism all compliment each other to create the flavorful end-result. Everyone seems to be in grind mode right now — a bunch of “hustle” oriented hip-hop tracks have dropped over the past couple of weeks. Anyways, if you like what you hear cop the free download and keep your ears out for ‘The Alumni’ mixtape dropping sometime in the near future.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Feels Good To Be Up – Kid Ink

May 5, 2014


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Download Feels Good To Be Up - Kid Ink

If you don’t think Kid Ink has been on this year you’re insane; 3 million likes on facebook, and over 100,000 copies of his debut LP My Own Lane sold, you really don’t have to wonder why he’s feeling so good. He keeps the positive vibes bouncing with upbeat drums and acoustic guitar chords, produced by The Runners, who produce for more famous artists than I can name off. Kid Ink makes his typical fast lane reference to kick things off, followed by reminiscing about his come up, and of course getting into some casual rich-rapper gloating. Bottles, bitches, and endless summers are all you should be thinking about while this is playing. Cop Kid Ink’s free anthem and get this track ready for some beach side drinking.


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Show Me – Kid Ink & Chris Brown (Chris Rishard Remix)

February 17, 2014


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Download Show Me - Kid Ink & Chris Brown (Chris Rishard Remix)

Chris Rishard is on the beat once again, and gives us some fresh production over some seductive Kid Ink and Chris Brown vocals. If you didn’t already want to get down with your significant other to this track, you sure will now. The hard hitting bass contrasts the echoing synth, combining to make a slow steady beat that’ll have you ladies out there feeling right. Chris is really making a name for himself lately; dropping quality remixes like this every week indefinitely. So I guess stay tuned until next Monday, show DJ Rishard some love on facebook and twitter.

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In The Morning – Devin Cruise & Kid Ink

September 16, 2013


Download In The Morning - Devin Cruise & Kid Ink

We are all familiar with the consequences of a good nights party, and here’s an ode to a mean hangover from producer/artist Devin Cruise off his new mixtape “The Blue Dream” which features Mr. Ink. The beat is peppy and upbeat while we all know that the morning couldn’t be farther from that, but the contrast resembles the “No Fucks Given” mentality alcohol seems to bless us with. That in combination with the almost singsong chorus, and splash of star power from Mr. Ink makes this one of the most overlooked anthems this month. After all we’ve all had that night where we’ve thought “All this drinking and dancing that we doin? Imma feel it in the morning”.

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Get You High Today – Kid Ink

August 30, 2013


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Download Get High Today - Kid Ink

I’m still loving Kid Ink’s style and sound, especially on this remix to Rich Homie’s ‘Type Of Way’. Everyone knows this instrumental is dope, but Rich Homie Quan definitely handed the torch to Kid Ink on this one. Both verses are dope and the hook is catchier than Quan’s version. No sign of any new projects, but if Ink succeeds in getting you high today you’ll probably be contempt with having this song on repeat.

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I Know Who You Are – Kid Ink & Casey Veggies

August 7, 2013


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Download I Know Who You Are - Kid Ink & Casey Veggies

The two Cali based rappers owned this track, and after the first 15 seconds you’ll realize why it’s so catchy. Kid Ink’s arpeggiated vocals on the hook only make up a section of this tracks sickness, the other half belongs to Casey Veggies fire verse that’ll bang your door panels off. Check it out.

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Keep It 100 – Kid Ink

June 9, 2013


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Download Keep It 100 - Kid Ink

Kid Ink is keeping it 100 and dropping more free tracks right after the release of his EP ‘Almost Home‘ a couple weeks back. He brings as much bass as possible on this up beat trap style track. You might’ve heard this track on the LA Leaker’s tape that dropped earlier this week, but I didn’t bother posting it because of all the annoying tags they coat their tracks in. Anyways, enjoy the new Ink.

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Welcome To Forever – Logic (Mixtape)

May 8, 2013


Free Download | Download Welcome To Forever – Logic (Mixtape)

Young Sinatra, also an XXL Freshman of the year, released his highly anticipated project ‘Welcome To Forever’ today. If you’re a new Logic fan, get with it. He has some of the best flows in the rap game, and his lyricism is definitely twitter quote worthy. Snoop around and you might find features from Kid Ink, Trinidad James, and Dizzy Wright. Enjoy the tape, probably going to be one of the best you hear this year.

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Ghost – Kid Ink

May 7, 2013


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Download Ghost - Kid Ink

If you haven’t copped Kid Ink’s new tape ‘Mr. Ink’ yet, you need to. Absolutely kills this electronic style beat produced by Kyle Justice. If you don’t get caught by the hook when the song comes in, you’ll be feeling it when he comes in on his first verse.  Great track, dope artist, cop Mr. Ink for free.