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Everything – E.L & Klassik

March 24, 2014


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I knew I was in for a good listen as soon as I heard the Austin Powers style beat and the feature from Klassik. The track sounds like something you’d listen to on a private jet over the Caribbean; the chemistry between these two goes back to when we first heard them collab on Elevation last year, delivering a similar classy outcome. From the hook that puts you in your zone to the pristine verses, everything just comes together nicely and sounds 100.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Danny Glover – Klassik & Young Thug

February 26, 2014


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He raps, sings, and all around kills beats; it’s good to have Klassik back on the site. I honestly haven’t heard him go in over a beat like this, but he needs to do this more often. Young Thug’s hot trap banger provides the perfect back track for K to show fans what he can really do behind the mic. If you’re looking for a highly under-rated artist look no further.  Now that hes on a beat that compliments his delivery it’s easier to hear his clever lyrics and vibe out to his flows, just listen to some of his other ishh we put on the site. Give Klassik’s track a listen before it becomes a classic, and be sure to show him some love on twitter.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Elevation – E.L. & Klassik

August 14, 2013


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Download Elevation - E.L. & Klassik

E.L recently dropped his sophomore mixtape Elevation, and although the tape was packed with great production and dope solo work, I was really feeling this opening track. It’s an anthem, with a jet-life style beat and an impressive hook that makes the verses seem monotone. Don’t let that come off as a bad thing though, the soft lyricism is exactly what this track needed to keep things chill. I don’t know, I was feeling it, and hopefully y’all will too.