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Young & Dumb – KLOUDS

May 1, 2014


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Download Young & Dumb - KLOUDS

For all those kids who are proud to be young and dumb and killin it, I present you with your newest turn-up anthem, brought to you by Dallas rapper/producer duo KLOUDS. Complete with bass-heavy hooks and a pretty damn catchy chorus, you’ll want to start throwin ’em back the second you press play on Young and Dumb. Taking shots, smokin bud, getting hazy, this track captures a solid night out with your crew. Although this single has a little bit more of a pop feel, I have to admit the new sound has been growing on me with each listen. Show KLOUDS some social media love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and enjoy the free download.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Wake Up – KLOUDS

March 27, 2014


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Download Wake Up - KLOUDS

One of my newest favorite groups KLOUDS hit us with another free track called Wake Up. It’s got a trill/trap-inspired beat with a mellowed out ambient feel, but take a listen to the words and you’ll find that this song is actually pretty heavy. Tyler raps about messy drunken hookups paired with weird emotions, getting attached, and keeping your guard up: “Down to fuck but ain’t down to love. Man, all this shit feels wrong. Wake up.” These kinds of relationships are the ones that hurt the most, but tend to make for some pretty powerful music. Download the track and spread the hype about KLOUDS by liking their Facebook and following them on Twitter if you’re feeling it.

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Trippin’ – KLOUDS

February 26, 2014

trippin[soundcloud id=’135947614′ color=’#00F0FF’]

Download Trippin' - KLOUDS

If you’re a fan of The Weeknd or Skizzy Mars, you’ll be all up in this trippy new single from Dallas rapper/production duo KLOUDS. Trippin’ will get you right from the start with that catchy hook: “Codeine lips and heroine hips. Never had a girl trip me out like this.” The rhymes are clever and hard, while the production is bass-heavy and party-friendly. Each new single I hear from KLOUDS shows development towards their own signature sound. I’m expecting big things this year from Tyler and Dayton. Make sure you keep up with them, so you can be the ones to tell your friends you heard ’em on University Hype first. Give them a like on their Facebook page if you know what’s good.

Daily Hype Electronic Hip-Hop

Smoke Rings – KLOUDS

February 9, 2014


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Download Smoke Rings - KLOUDS

Here’s the perfect chill out song for an easy going Sunday: Smoke Rings by up and coming Dallas duo KLOUDS. Tyler Finch lays down some G-Eazy inspired bars over Dayton Arellano’s ultra smooth production. Blowin’ trees, snatchin’ up the ladies, it may all be stuff we’ve heard before, but KLOUDS’ musical style incorporates a cool blend of rap and ethereal electronic. If you liked this track, head on over to their soundcloud for more free downloads. And to keep up with the latest, give them a follow on Twitter too.