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Everyday – KURT

April 3, 2015



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Seeing KURT grow over the last 2 years since I posted his debut project Red Carpet Ignorance has been humbling. It’s a rare thing that only music-enthusiasts such as y’all get to witness; the growth he’s experienced from touring and taking criticism is clearly portrayed in his sound. Light Up The Night is a declaration about his new perspective. He’s done being weighed down by fears and imperfections, he’s grown into the shoes of a truly dedicated artist, someone who can balance the party lifestyle with the studio grind. I felt this song reflects  his growth and his move into the limelight more so than anything else on the project. This song is Light Up The Night’s anthem, the song that people will be chanting along to with a bottle in their hand at two in the morning, which I think is the biggest difference between KURT now and KURT two years ago. He’s learned how to drop coherent projects that still showcase his diversity, and has perfected tracks like this that appeal to the average partying college student. Enjoy, show him some love on twitter, and cop his latest project if you like what you hear.


Daily Hype Hip-Hop

Save You – KURT & LoVel

January 8, 2015


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New track from KURT and the announcement of his first project in nearly 2 years, ‘Light Up The Night’ due Nov 24th. He promises this tape to feature nothing but his best work yet, so needless to say expectations are high for the tenured artist. Check it out, the track touches on some serious notes but ultimately should be seen as yet another showcasing of KURT’s story-telling like lyricism and his production team’s perpetually great work. Enjoy, and expect more from KURT in the following weeks.

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Thank God – KURT

November 3, 2014


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Kurt Rockmore is no stranger to the hype,  but this is a side of him no one has heard yet. Where usually KURT is flowing pensive lyrics over an elegantly produced beat, this is the first time he’s assumed a hubristic tone over a filthy bass-heavy instrumental. From the explicit bars to the well-backed boasting, he doesn’t hold back on this 3 minute attack against the rap game. His voice is steady as he precisely thanks God for opportunities he’s seized, people he’s met, and the talent he’s been blessed with. This is by far the most intense track from KURT yet, he seems to envelop the aggressive style effortlessly. His releases have been few and far between, so hopefully this rebellious lash at the music industry is a sign that he’ll be releasing content more consistently. Follow him on twitter, and if you feel like showing some support buy his last single Creepin’ on iTunes.

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Creepin – Kurt Rockmore & Shaun Sutton

June 13, 2014


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It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard from Kurt Rockmore. After releasing RCI he started touring alongside big names like OCD: Moosh & Twist, Huey Mack, Mike Stud, and most recently G-Eazy. He promises some heavier material over the summer, but for now he wanted to gift fans with a slow jam about getting down with a side bitch. Shaun Sutton remixes the familiar chorus of Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ and sounds pretty damn good on the weird beat. Worth a listen, I’ve definitely missed hearing his material and hopefully we get some harder tracks over the next few weeks. Enjoy, cop the free download, and support if you’re feelin it.


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Tour Recap – KURT (Video)

June 29, 2013

Red Carpet Ignorance 2


Some of you may know that KURT is currently on the ‘Relief’ Tour with Mike Stud and has just been killing it with his RCI set. Take a look at the video and vibe out to the energy of the audience and the great music from KURT. Keep in mind, these are only the first 3 shows, which means there’s a lot more love to come for this up and coming rapper. Check him out, and hopefully you become a fan if you haven’t already.

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To Be King – KURT (Music Video)

June 3, 2013



Official visuals for one of my favorite songs off of Red Carpet Ignorance. In case you didn’t catch the mixtape it’s basically a story about KURT’s road to the throne, and has some of the best production work you’ll ever hear. Check it out, and expect some new material from him soon.

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Red Carpet Ignorance – KURT (Mixtape)

January 16, 2013

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 I don’t think y’all understand just how hyped I’ve been for this album. KURT and WhiteLieMusic really made a piece of art with this project, and after a couple listens I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about. All the production work on this tape is top notch, and not a single song will disappoint you.
The tape is a slow 14 track story that tells the story of KURT’s Red Carpet dreams, and the road that he took to get there. As all these gorgeous women start to recognize his fame, he loses sight of the good girl that’s been with him from the start. The money, the girls, the drugs, all play a serious role in the development of  KURT as an artists and the storyline behind Red Carpet Ignorance. From the meaningful New York vibe that we get from ‘Suits & Sins’ to the self-absorbed ‘Maserati Party’ you’ll be bumping to every song you hear, and hopefully appreciate the well thought out layout of the project. Enjoy.
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Last Dance – KURT

December 15, 2012



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Download Last Dance - KURT

If you aren’t familiar with KURT by now you’re behind. He’s been working on this project ‘Red Carpet Ignorance’ for a few months now, and it’s finally starting to come together. With production work by White Lie Music, and vocals by Andre Fennell, KURT was kind enough to let us drop this track off of Red Carpet Ignorance. A pretty heavy track, but I think you’ll all enjoy it. Stay tuned for his Mixtape, dropping it on Jan 14th.

Also, if you’re going to be in New York on Dec 22nd, be sure to catch KURT live for only $10. You can buy tickets here, and enter our free giveaway for a chance to win tickets over hurr.