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Champagne & Pools – Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE

November 28, 2015

Champagne & Pools - Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE
Free Download | Champagne & Pools - Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, & KYLE

What an impeccable line up for this track Champagne & Pools.  This song combines Blackbear’s R&B vocals with Hoodie Allen’s quick witted lyrics, and as if that wasn’t enough we’ve even got an easy-going verse from KYLE to tie it all together. It’s no wonder that the reason they dropped this track is because they’re all about to embark on The Happy Camper Tour in February. Blackbear opens up with a soulful hook about the good life; looking at palm trees next to his pool while sippin’ on champagne. The catchy chorus is immediately followed by a witty verse from Hoodie Allen, full of quotable bars and metaphors.  This combo alone would make a phenomenal track, but right after Blackbear’s second chorus the one and only SuperDuperKyle closes out with one of the best verses I’ve heard from him since his debut studio album release SMYLE.  This song gives you a little sample of three amazing artists who are in the midst of perfecting their sound, and having all released successful projects recently — with the exception of Hoodie, who claims he’s dropping a free project this year — you should definitely give this track a listen.  If this little sampler caught your ear be sure to follow them Soundcloud (Blackbear, Hoodie Allen, KYLE) and Twitter(Blackbear, Hoodie Allen, KYLE).

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Die For Me – Marty Grimes, KYLE, & Christoph Andersson

May 13, 2015

Die For Me Track Art

Free Download | Die For Me - Marty Grimes, KYLE, & Christoph Andersson

Marty has been on a winning streak; over 3 million plays off his last release with G-Eazy, having P.Diddy share this new single on his RevoltTV platform, and collabing with bigger and better names. All his successes play into the hype of his sophomore project Nobody Said It Was Easy, set to drop sometime this summer. Die For Me showcases his down-tempo love song style, something we haven’t heard from Marty since he released Still Floatin back in August 2014. Even then, he’s never made something this refined — this perfected, even — which leads me to believe his forthcoming project will be an incredulously more successful than anyone anticipated. Christoph Andersson produces the majority of this team’s releases, which explains the coherent sound from track to track, and it goes without saying that the ambient sample-heavy instrumentals are a crowd-pleaser. If you want to show some support, cop the track on iTunes and follow Marty on soundcloud and twitter.

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Monica Lewinsky – G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, & KYLE

June 9, 2014


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Download Monica Lewinsky - G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, & KYLE

Molly and that whiskey… probably the best combination in the world, but like most hard drugs, mixing them with alcohol is terrible for you and near fatal. The connection to Bill Clinton’s mistress makes for a dirty chorus, G-Eazy raps a lyrically perfect chorus, Skizzy raps about weed n’ hoes, and Chirstoph Andersson works with Ty Fife to produce an intense beat. The dramatic deep brass complements the eerie strings and sharp verses, it’s just too catchy for you to not love it. You’ll probably see some more free G-Eazy tracks over the next couple of weeks as he builds some hype for These Things Happen. Cop the free download and follow G on twitter.