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Cocaine Rain – Lais

February 1, 2016

Cocaine Rain - Lais
Free Download | Cocaine Rain - Lais

This is the kind of music you listen to with a rolled up hundred dollar bill pressed to your nose; euphoric synths, bluesy chord progressions, and Lais’s heavily filtered vocals describing the 80’s vibe in his penthouse. It’s a different vibe for him, a little less gloomy than some of his recent material, but I think you’ll find this is one of his best releases to date.

First and foremost, this song is expertly written and produced. Lais takes us on a journey, starting slow but changing up the tempo as the drugs start to hit, and finally digressing into a somber comedown. Explicit lyrics aside, the song describes more than just a drug addicts paradise, it describes the shameless limitless feeling that this young artist is feeling as he accrues more and more success.

Although I don’t have a sick black leather jacket like Lais, I think the groovy, upbeat vibe of this track is a language we all speak. If there’s one artist from Toronto that you shouldn’t be sleeping on right now, it’s Lais. Show this young singer, songwriter, rapper, and musician some love on Twitter and Soundcloud if you like what you hear.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Indie

Moon & Stars 2 – Lais & Skizzy Mars

November 27, 2015

Moon & Stars 2 - Lais & Skizzy Mars
Free Download | Moon & Stars 2 - Lais & Skizzy Mars

Penthouse Music’s best investments to date have been Skizzy Mars and Lais. When the two artists collab, as they so often do, the product tends to be exquisitely smooth. The production varies widely between these two young talents; Skizzy has been on a streak of releasing upbeat indie jams, whereas Lais’s sound is much more downtempo, sensual, and R&B centered than his label counterpart. “Moon & Stars 2” is definitely a Lais track — the environment is fine-tuned to his low BPM sound, complete with lavish vibes and a groovy organ solo. Both artists sound spectacular over the Toronto-inspired instrumental, truly encompassing the late-night cruisin’ sound that the city has been endorsing so heavily over the past few years. The song is a love ballad through and through, and it’s packed with lyrics that are sure to have girls swooning across the globe. This is the first of many songs that are expected to appear on Lais’s forthcoming inaugural project 114, so be sure you show him some love on Twitter and Soundcloud and pre-order the project on iTunes to show some support.

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Sometimes – Lais

October 1, 2015

Free Download | Sometimes - Lais

This laid back Toronto rapper has made it onto our site with ever single one of his releases this year, and once again with ‘Sometimes’ — a shorter track than┬ámost of his other work, but still a great addition to your music library. This mellow 4/4 beat makes use of the snare drum along with deep, low synth pads to give a slow motion ambiance to the whole song. His lyrics are relatable, and something about the dark yet sensual aura brings up that one person inside everyone’s head who we just want to “come around sometimes.” If you dig the track make sure to hit the download link, check out some of Lais other tracks and follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Daily Hype Hip-Hop Indie

Missin U – Lais

September 15, 2015

missin u lais
Free Download | Missin U - Lais

Lais can run laps around production like this; low BPM, electronic keys, and simple percussion all play an important role in the eerie, slightly off-key instrumental. The melodic chord progression, vaguely audible Bojack Horseman sample, and Lais’s filtered vocals set a late-night “netflix n’ chill” kind of ambiance to the track — which is a style we’ve come to expect from the Toronto based prodigy. ‘Missin U’ is labeled a freestyle, but I guarantee you the quality and content are just as good as some of his meticulously recorded material. Check it out, cop the free download if you’re feeling Lais’s vibe, and be sure to show him some love on Soundcloud and Twitter if you get the chance.

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Downtown – Lais

August 30, 2015

Downtown - Lais
Free Download | Downtown - Lais

Get ready to hear your new cruising anthem; Lais just created the ideal backtrack for your late night drives downtown. The beat on this track slaps; hard-hitting bass kicks, insanely crisp claps/snares, and a series of complex high-hat arrangements. I don’t need to introduce Lais to y’all anymore, his music is consistently great, and if you’re sleeping on this Toronto-native I highly suggest you do your homework and throw him a follow on soundcloud and twitter. Lais up.

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Tell Me – Lais

August 9, 2015

tell me lais art

Free Download | Tell Me - Lais

There is no better, faster, or easier way to blow up in Toronto than having your song featured on Drake’s OVO Radio mix. After hearing Lais and Skizzy “open” for Drake’s debut of Charged Up and Hotline Bling last week, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he released some new material to keep the momentum going. Tell Me is an older track that he just decided to release today, but the style is in-line with everything else he’s been releasing lately; The hazy production, ambient keys, and silky vocals are laced together seamlessly — pun intended. Hit play, close your eyes, and let the melancholy keys and minor chords reverberate across your speakers as you drift into Lais’s fuzzy production and lyricism; this kind of music is meant for listening, it’s music that’s meant to bring out emotions and feelings. No matter what setting you’re in, this song justifies a few minutes of quiet contemplation and reflection, and I’m willing to bet that even Drizzy is taking a few minutes out of his hectic schedule to appreciate this new release. Enjoy, and be sure to follow Lais on Soundcloud and Twitter if you grab the free download. His new EP ‘114’ drops soon, so start spreading the hype.

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Roses – Lais

June 30, 2015

roses lais art

Free Download | Roses - Lais

Lais is like an expensive scotch that gets better with age — every track he releases just gets smoother and smoother. Roses is he latest original release, and it’s as sensual as I’ve heard him so far; elegant piano, soft guitar chords, and a heavy bass line tie in with his intoxicated lyricism inimitably. His dreamy sound expresses longing, self-loathing, and a sense of over-expressed feelings as he leads into the hook which will have you nodding with empathy. The vibe of the track is summed up in a sample of the hit HBO show Entourage, where one of the lead characters Eric is fighting for a second chance after choosing his dreams and friends over the love of his life. Great show, but more importantly, great song from the Penthouse Music affiliated Lais. Keep the hype going and show him some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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Alone Tonight – Lais

April 8, 2015


Download Alone Tonight - Lais

Penthouse music is killing it right now. Between Skizzy Mars and their new prodigy Lais, the repertoire this NYC-based label has built for themselves is something the hip-hop industry has never seen before. The combination of indie-influenced production and distinct R&B vocals keeps Lais’s new releases enthralling. Although their lyricism typically covers the same general topics — girls, drugs, and drinking — the word play somehow retains an unprecedented freshness and catchiness. Alone Tonight is an down-tempo ambient track produced by WeirdInside, and discusses the trials and tribulations of dropping out of school to pursue music, and the loneliness that coincides with taking the path less traveled. Enjoy, follow Lais on twitter/soundcloud, and stay posted for his debut EP Place In Time.

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T.G.I.F. – Lais

February 10, 2015


Download T.G.I.F. - Lais

Today Lais debuted the first single off his forthcoming ‘Place In Time ‘EP with Penthouse Music, and while perusing his soundcloud for his new track with Skizzy Mars, I consequently spotted this free gem. Lais has this interesting down-tempo aura to his music; his delivery is soft yet cunning, perfectly contrasting synthy-piano beats like this one from CMPLX. Lyricism is one of Lais’s strong suits, he’s great and depicting scenes, generally involving girls from his life. Don’t sleep on this young artist, after the huge success of his debut project Session One, there’s no doubt that this EP is going to be worth every cent.

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For You (Remix) – Lais & Skizzy Mars

August 28, 2014


[soundcloud id=’165147888′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download For You - Lais & Skizzy Mars

Although Skizzy Mars is Penthouse Music’s prodigy, they’re clearly still focused on recruiting new talent. Lais is a Toronto based rapper/singer, his range behind the mic outshines Skizzy in more ways than one on this new single. The wavy production compliments his soft filtered voice as he flows about being torn between two girls, showing them both the time of their life, and despite being an asshole they keep coming back for more. Great first single, so there’s no reason you shoudn’t cop the free download and follow Lais and Skizzy on twitter.