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Born To Die – Lana Del Rey (The Two Friends Remix)

March 3, 2014


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Download Born To Die – Lana Del Rey (The Two Friends Remix)

Lana Del Rey has one of the most recognizable and impressionable female voices in the world,  and despite the heartbreaking lyricism our Two Friends turned the vibe of inevitable death into an ecstasy packed house anthem. The sharp piano melody builds up over military-style snare drums until you find yourself fist-pumping to Tomorrowland-worthy synth compilations. I’ve never been disappointed in The Two Friends’ production prowess; each track is another creative endeavor with heavy regard to detail. Flawless vocals over flawless production, nothing more you could ask for. Cop the free download in exchange for a like on facebook after the jump.


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Built For Two – K-Woody

November 28, 2012

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Download Built For Two - K-Woody

Alright, so this is K-Woody out of Boston. He sent me his new track Built For Two, and I ended up going down his whole soundcloud account vibing to his singles. He does all the mastering himself, which is pretty dope in itself, not to mention his On Cue esque flows that bounce across the Lana Del Rey sample in the background. Check it out, and give his soundcloud account a listen if you’re feelin it.