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On My Own – Latrell James

April 28, 2015


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Our Boston-based writer Sylvia got to sit in to Latrell James’s listening party a couple weeks ago and talk to him about his project Twelve, a two-year project that’s been refined and perfected to represent all the growth Latrell has undergone since starting his music career. On My Own is one of the best tracks he could’ve released to summarize what this project will entail; letting go of the things that held him back, losing friends, and chasing a dream without knowing whether or not things will work out in the end. He keeps his priorities in line and puts his passion first, something that everyone should learn from. Eerie production, heavy bass, incessant synth, and distorted samples come together to create a lucid instrumental that backs his crisp vocals and insightful lyricism beautifully. We can’t wait to share the entire project with y’all, but in the meantime enjoy this little taste and show Latrell some love on twitter and soundcloud.


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Latrell James Interview & Listening Party

April 17, 2015


Boston-based rapper Latrell James hosted an exclusive listening party for his new project “Twelve” a few weeks ago. Individuals from the Boston hip-hop community gathered at Mass Apparel in Allston to hear “Twelve” along with Latrell’s commentary on each record. University Hype’s Sylvia took some time to chat with Latrell about his new music and plans for the release party coming up on May 19th.

If you’re feelin his style, peep Latrell on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud. And if you’re in the Boston area on May 19th, you can purchase tickets to the release party for “Twelve”. Special guests for that event include Khary Durgans, Crystal Caines, Light-foot, and Tim Nihan.

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The Button – Latrell James (Music Video)

January 19, 2015



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This time last year was our first introduction to Boston recording artist Latrell James. Over that time he has consistently amazed our staff with his jaw-dropping talent, the depth of his insight, & his ability to conjure images within the minds of his audience. The song and video for James’ “The Button” are no exception. The instrumental was engineered by Latrell’s frequent collaborators and cohorts 5 Star Generals whom provide a soft, somber piano driven instrumental. Even before the muffled machine gun sample, and ascending synth the rolling kicks and claps alongside the piano riff beautifully represent the message of the track. As per usual Latrell’s message has substance. He speaks about self destruction, being born into that lifestyle, and the personal challenges that come along with it. While of course delivering punchline after punchline like a damn assassin.

“Who do I trust? But I’m very far from panickin’. What do you call posers for a lifetime? Mannequins.
Fool me once and you’ll never get that chance again. Ever wonder how we went Darth Vader from Anakin.
Life sucks. You punch out, you punch in. But who to blame for your own self-destruction? I’m bout’ to press the button.”

Hit the play button on that music video and make sure to cop the free download if you’re feelin’ this track. Also, make sure to show some love to Latrell James on soundcloud and twitter if you haven’t already.

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5 And A Half – Latrell James & Real P

August 20, 2014


[soundcloud id=’161798927′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download 5 And A Half - Latrell James & Real P

Boston’s Latrell James is back at it again, and this was definitely a submission I was excited to see in my inbox tonight. James recruits fellow Boston artist Real P for the assist as they convey their perception of a beautiful women proudly contrasting themselves against the mainstream hip hop messages.

“She wore 5 and a half in boys, ass off the hook. I’m in love with her mind, you’re in love with her looks. You hope she a freak, I hope that she cook. You callin’ her weird, she’s misunderstood..”

Truly a breathe of fresh air. This well engineered, pulsating, and ambient beat is courtesy of Marco Marcel whom provided the perfect vibe for a song of this nature. Hit that play button, cop that download, and make sure to keep up with these three on twitter.

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Distance – Latrell James

February 11, 2014


[soundcloud id=’134041408′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Distance - Latrell James

Earlier today as part of his #TwelveBy16’s (prelude to James’ Twelve project) song releases artist Latrell James brings you “Distance” a song to the nonbelievers from the dreamers. Like James’ previous UH appearance with “99 Altima” this track is self-produced. He takes this one in a different direction though as he lays a few verses over a simple, smooth, and lofty beat. Following your dreams is never as easy as it sounds and everybody’s had that moment where they felt the world was against them. James’ captures the pain of both in just four minutes and the end product is really something special. If you’ve lost loved ones, friends, or even family in the pursuit of happiness turn this up one time.