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Angels – Chance The Rapper & Saba

October 30, 2015

Angels - Chance The Rapper & Saba
Free Download | Angels - Chance The Rapper & Saba

This is the refined Chance The Rapper sound we were all holding out for. The Social Experiment is a project he started after the huge success of his sophomore project Acid Rap; in search of his true organic sound, Chance came out with some “experimental” material that was a little bit too out there for his dedicated hip-hop fans, but the indie-rap phase he went through definitely fabricated a few gems like Israel, Planes, and Lady Friend. Regardless of what you thought of Chance’s SOX project, the bona fide sound he and his team created is undeniably unique, and it all seems to have been leading up to this release. I might be looking to deep into it, but I feel like the rising sun in the track artwork is a metaphor for the start of a new chapter in Chance’s career. “Angels” showcases the live instruments we’ve grown to expect from his new material, combined with the aggressive upbeat delivery we heard on his earlier projects, and the result is the most polished sound Chance The Rapper has ever put out.

The first few seconds of the track tease you and make you think this is about to be another indie jam, but the return of his notorious ad-libs come in like pure bliss to your hip-hop craving ears. Production from Lido, Donnie Trumpet, and Nate Fox sets the tone for the entire song; optimistic major chords are played out on a plethora of different keys, resounding brass instruments intensify the transitions, crisp fast-paced percussion (including a freaking steel drum) rides along a steady 156 BPM, and a gospel-esque chorus harmonizes with the alluring melody. Despite the amazing setting that Chance’s team of producers constructed for him, his impeccably written lyrics are by far the best part of this song. Chance The Rapper has been extremely proactive in Chicago, and not just in music, but politics. His campaigns against gang violence and his dedication to educating the youth of Chi-Town has made him a role model for the city, and his figurehead status is the core subject of this song. Something great is on the way from Chance, so be sure you’re following him on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

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Planes – Jeremih, Lido, & The Social Experiment

April 29, 2015


Download Planes - Jeremih, Lido, & The Social Experiment

Jeremih has gotten a l0t of love for his single Planes feat. J. Cole, and although it’s a few months old, an unexpected collab between Lido & Chance The Rapper gives this song new life. Although Jeremih’s reverberating vocals are still the focal point of the track, Lido’s production is as impregnable as ever; perfectly placed percussion, explosions of synth and horns, emotive drops and build ups, and of course a bouncy fluid bass-line. Chance The Rapper has been experimenting with his Social Experiment group a lot lately¬† — particularly because of his lyricism on songs like this — the only word I can think of to describe it is corny. Despite Chance’s odd flows, he still comes off as a worthy feature for this remix, and hopefully you enjoy the track as much as I did.

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Money – Lido (McClenney Remix)

September 11, 2014


Download Money - Lido (McClenney Remix)

Lido’s I Love You EP has had a buzz around it all Summer, accumulating over a million plays in the last 2 months alone. Despite the fact that the original isn’t free, producers around the world have been trying their hand at reworking the 4-track masterpiece, including Stwo’s remix of Lost that we put on the site back in July. This time McClenney is on the beat, carving a fat bass line and fluctuation drum beat into Lido’s original track ‘Money‘. As you’re hit with waves up trance-influenced production and chopped up samples of Lido, it’s impossible to keep from vibing out and nodding your head in sync with the shallow drops. Enjoy, and don’t forget to throw Lido and McClenney a follow on twitter.

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Lost – Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

July 12, 2014


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Download Lost - Lido & Muri (Stwo Remix)

No one does it better than stwo. You might be familiar with Lido, who recently released his I Love You EP on iTunes, really great production work with intense and creative idiosyncratic vocals. Although the original project is DEFINITELY one you should peep, copping the free version that stwo made is a must. Whether you’re cruising, smoking, screwing, cooking, working, etc.. this track will have you feeling some type of way. Heavy synth, dramatic drops, and just all around intricate and beautiful remixing. Follow Lido and stwo on twitter. You’re welcome.