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A Milli – Lil Wayne (Y2K Remix)

May 10, 2016

A Milli - Lil Wayne (Y2K Remix)
Free Download | A Milli - Lil Wayne (Y2K Remix)

In an era where record labels are suing everyone and their mom over copyright disputes, and many electronic artist’s are losing their social media accounts, followers, etc. due to reported material, it’s a bold move for Y2K to sample this entire song from Lil Wayne’s The Carter III. That being said, I love Y2K’s remixes, and when I saw that he had put his spin on this song AND released it for free, I had to put it on here for y’all.

The song starts with the familiar “A milli, a milli, a milli” loop that we were all bumping back in 2008, but when Lil Wayne starts his first verse the production starts to evolve. A menacing cymbal roll erupts into a sea of claps, a grumbling bass line, and an extraterrestrial synth lead until finally dropping off into an insane percussion sequence. Chopper-esque high-hats, something that sounds like a cowbell, and a booming baritone. The song gets progressively more ludicrous when Y2K applies a Megatron sounding filter to the hook, and inserts an oddly fitting SpongeBob sample into the last verse.

As far as I’m concerned, this song needed a face lift, and as long as it’s free online it’s free here. Cop it if you’re feeling it, and be sure to throw Y2k a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter too.

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Ejected – Kidd Kidd & Lil Wayne

June 6, 2015

ejected kidd kidd lil wayne

Free Download | Ejected - Kidd Kidd & Lil Wayne

There was a lot of controversy over this year’s XXL Freshman Kidd Kidd, mostly because he’s been in the game so long that many people don’t think it’s fair to call him a “freshman”. After recently signing to G-Unit last year and releasing his debut project Rapper’s Worst Nitemare, he got together with his old label’s figurehead Lil Wayne to make this club banger. Anthem-like horn-based production, a Weezy verse full of pussy-eating references, and a killer hook by the freshman and rap-prodigy himself. Cop the download if you like what you hear, I know Wayne is hit or miss for a lot of people, but this is definitely one of the better tracks I’ve heard him on lately.

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Used To – Lil Wayne & Drake

January 25, 2015


Download Used To - Lil Wayne & Drake

Lil Wayne dropped his highly anticipated mixtape Sorry For The Wait 2, but upon listening to the 17 track project we were disappointed to find to many whiny, over auto-tuned remixes to some of the industry’s hottest beats. Although we agreed that the tape wasn’t up to the site’s standards, I couldn’t help but rip this one track off the tape for you (and not just because Drake’s on it). For starters this is just about the only original beat on the tape, as well as one of the few tracks where Wayne keeps his abusive auto-tune usage to a minimum. Both artists go in for one verse with only one goal in mind: Flex. Even the sample of Riff Raff at the beginning/ending sports the popular mentality calling himself “OVO Jody” and talking about flat screens on the outside of tour buses as well as hang gliding from Versace Skyscrapers. Overall this is not the best Drake/Weezy collabo we’ve ever heard but at the very least you’ll enjoy a few punchlines, and Riff Raff will provide some comic relief. Hit the button and enjoy the free release from two of the most prominent people in the game.

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I’m Good – Lil Wayne & The Weeknd

September 1, 2013


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Download I'm Good - Lil Wayne & The Weekend

Most of you probably follow us on twitter and already know my opinion of Weezy’s ‘Dedication 5’ Mixtape. If you haven’t heard it yet you’re not missing anything, more than half the beats are remixes and Weezy sounds worse and writes worse than the original artist on every single track. But hey, you can barely hear him on this opening track featuring The Weeknd, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one.

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No Lie – Lil Wayne

August 16, 2012

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Download No Lie - Lil Wayne

So Weezy decided to postpone his ‘Dedication 4’ album release, in order to keep the spotlight on 2 Chainz’s latest LP. So instead, he’s postponing it a week and gave us this today. Lil Wayne’s been hated on a lot lately, and has never been known for his great freestyle talent. However, this got me thinking that maybe he’s getting back into it again. Reminded me of some of his Carter III flows. See what you think, grab the download if you like it.

Download HERE