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Let’s Get Lost – G-Eazy & Devon Baldwin (Louis Futon Remix)

March 9, 2015


Download Let's Get Lost - G-Eazy & Devon Baldwin (Louis Futon Remix)

Louis Futon is the kind of producer/DJ who doesn’t necessarily have a “signature sound”, but every now and then he’ll strike gold and find his perfect balance between mellow contemplative progressions and groovy house melodies. This rendition of G-Eazy’s Let’s Get Lost is a perfect example of one of his gems; the heart-melting vocals of Devon Baldwin are sampled across the bouncing bass, distant claps, ambient keys, and down-tempo hi-hat compilations to create an incomparable euphoric atmosphere. G’s verses are coated in heavy synth and waves of warped Devon vocals, but his lyrics still set a contemplative tone even here. This is a download you’ll definitely want to cop from us. Share some good music with your friends, follow Louis Futon on twitter, and peep his soundcloud for a lot more great free material.