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Plans – Luke Christopher

October 13, 2015

Free Download | Plans - Luke Christopher

Coming hot off his debut dual-album release last month, TMRW and YSTRDY, Luke Chris is already back in the booth cooking up some free heaters. The self-produced anthem is set in an ominous key, and the stutter pattern he creates for the drum loop ties in perfectly with his care-free vocals about keeping it 100 and pulling beautiful women. The hard knocking hip-hop instrumental is evenly balanced by the soft hook about making plans, which we can only assume are with an unnamed model. It’s exactly the kind of sound that Luke should be pursuing to keep the momentum going after releasing his two-sided studio album, so be sure to chop the free DL and throw him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Upside Down – Luke Christopher

August 27, 2015

upside down luke chris
Free Download | Upside Down - Luke Christopher

Luke shouldn’t need an introduction at this point; in the last two years he’s been on our website more times than I can count. The singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, scholar, etc. is still releasing music consistently, although it’s not on a weekly basis like it was last semester. “Upside Down” is an ode to the change Luke has seen in his life over the last few years. Sensual harmonies back the dreamy instrumental as Luke flexes his immense versatility. His transitions from rapping to singing without missing a beat, and the lucidity of this song is boundless. Cop the free DL and show the most self-sufficient artist in the rap industry some love on twitter and soundcloud.

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Intoxication – Luke Christopher

July 16, 2015

intoxicated luke christopher art

Free Download | Intoxication - Luke Christopher

Although this is infact the latest release from Luke Christopher, it sounds to me like something he would have dropped a couple years back. The abrupt intro/outro and pop sounding synth production leaves me wondering what Luke really has planned for this summer. I’m not saying I don’t like the song — by all means, Luke Christopher is incredible on just about everything he graces with his voice — but I expected much more from him on the production end of things, and definitely didn’t anticipate his first release of the summer to be leaning towards this side of the hip-hop genre. That being said, you’ll probably still like this song enough to download it. Enjoy, and keep up with Luke via twitter and soundcloud if you want to show some support.

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Love Me Like You Do – Luke Christopher & Ellie Goulding

March 26, 2015


Download Love Me Like You Do - Luke Christopher & Ellie Goulding

It’s not news that Luke Chris is a talented musician, but laying his cards down next to notorious British vocalist Ellie Goulding is a brave move no matter how you look at it. He keeps his interpretation loose enough to pull off this notable feat; he reproduced the track entirely by himself, and slathers the song with his own idiosyncratic style. The chorus is a sensual anthem that rivals the native single, but the highlight of the track is definitely Luke’s two emotion-heavy verses. His care-free sound is addicting, and after a short hiatus it’s good to see Luke dropping new material consistently again. Keep yourself in the loop and follow Luke Christopher on twitter and soundcloud.

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Mountains – Luke Christopher

March 18, 2015


Download Mountains - Luke Christopher

Yup, he’s back. It’s been a few months since Luke has dropped a new track, but he came back with some unprecedented heat this time around. He hops on a self-produced beat, as per usual, but spices this one up with a familiar sample of Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrel’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Panning chimes, fast-paced high hats, and a smooth walk down the bass line set an ominous and aggressive tone for him to come correct over. Reminiscing on how far he’s come, it’s clear that he’s holding nothing back as he articulates every word with precision, and his ignorant stance is well-earned. He’s in his own league right now; no one in the game is a prominent triple threat like Luke Christopher. Enjoy the free download, follow Luke Chris on twitter, and keep your fingers crossed that this is the start of a consistent stream of new music from this young MC.

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Lot To Learn – Luke Christopher

January 8, 2015


Download Lot To Learn - Luke Christopher

After a summer of releasing weekly free tracks, Luke Chris ended 2014 on a good note by dropping his sophomore project TMRW TMRW Part II through the LA Leakers.. Since then we haven’t heard much of him. He took the holidays to let his music ferment on fans, but just when his absence was becoming noticeable he drops this gem. Lot To Learn encompasses everything his sound has amounted to up until this point; impeccable vocals, crisp piano-based production (self-produced, of course), profound lyricism, and an enigmatic way of bringing everything together into a perfectly arranged ballad. Cop the free download and be sure to follow Luke Christopher on twitter if you like what you hear.

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TMRW TMRW Part II – Luke Christopher (Mixtape)

October 4, 2014


[soundcloud id=’52967616′ color=’#00f0ff’ format=’set’]

 Download TMRW TMRW Part II - Luke Christopher

Luke fulfills all of his fans’ cravings today with the Part II to his debut project TMRW TMRW that dropped over 2 years ago. As he’s grown as an artist, everything about his sound has been chiseled to perfection, precisely building his incomparable style. The self-production ranges from intense and sample-heavy material to extremely mellow and thoughtful vibes, while still tying the tracks together into a consistently lucid project. Luke is amazing behind a piano, but when you plug that piano into a Mac with ProTools the possibilities become endless; although still maintaining a sort of “class” with the baby-grand making an appearance in nearly every song, he’s truly blossomed as a producer all together. The subject of each song varies, but for the most part he’s reflecting on the past 2 years, changes, lovers, and referencing the music industry in general, while retaining the high-quality lyricism we’ve come to expect from him. A few of my favorites were Up With The Birds, Let’s Have A Party (feat. Asher Roth), and the near-flawless Outro. Follow Luke Chris on twitter, and I hope you enjoy his best work to date as much as we did.


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I Think I Love Her – Luke Christopher & Foster The People

September 20, 2014


Download I Think I Love Her - Luke Christopher

Although we still don’t have a name for his forthcoming mixtape, Luke Chris is still habitually dropping great new material for free; this time over Wave Racer’s remix of Best Friends by Foster The People. While the heavy synth and seemingly scatter-brained production would throw most rappers out of sync, Luke seems to shine even brighter over the upbeat lucid anthem. Between the intricate instrument works, adroit lyricism, and heart-felt chorus, there’s really no aspect to criticize on this one. Enjoy the new Luke Christopher, follow him on twitter and join the hype before he blows up.


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The Boy Is Here – Luke Christopher

September 11, 2014


Download The Boy Is Here - Luke Christopher

Luke’s weekly free releases came to an end last month, but it seems like we’re about to be graced with something bigger and better; a (currently untitled) Luke Christopher mixtape. As per usual, this song is 100% him; production, mixing, lyricism, delivery, everything. I can’t put my finger on the sample he used, but the Soul-Pop inspired beat has him sounding like early-2000’s Kanye, flowing across his self-produced beat like a slice of butter melting on top of a big-ol’ pile of flapjacks. He spits a pompous hook, off-set by insightful verses and radiant church-choir oohs and ahhs, resulting in a perfectly balanced back-in-it anthem. Don’t sleep, Luke is going to be huge, especially if this is a reflection of what his project will sound like.

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Sunny Days – Luke Christopher

July 23, 2014


[soundcloud id=’159853052′ color=’#00f0ff’]

Download Sunny Days - Luke Chistopher

Definitely not what I was expecting to hear when I hit play; the jazzy piano and splashy drum beat (all produced by Luke himself) paint an oddly peaceful scene, especially when you hear the hook glide across the luminous instrumental. I know a lot of y’all are probably on your summer grind right now, working hard or stressing hard, but hopefully this can serve as a relaxing reminder that the sun’s still shining outside. Luke Christopher always surprises me, and I have to commend him for every aspect of this track, but most of all his introspective and relatable lyricism. Cop the free download and follow him on twitter if you haven’t already.